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Mommy 2K \ˈmä-mē, ˈtü, ˈkā\
: mommy to Kaden & Liam (mommy, two kids)
: a mother who changes the face of parenting
: a woman of the new millenium

Life...it's worth blogging!
Keonté is the mother of two boys and resides in Maryland. She started blogging in 2008 to share stories that depicted her genuinely fun, sometimes depressing and unpredictable adventures in both motherhood and womanhood. 

She carries a (camera) phone in hand to capture her reality. Whether she’s having a chill day on the couch binging a popular television show, volunteering for a community event or screaming from the sideline at her son’s sports game, there's no shortage of entertainment.

With a kid in elementary and young adult in college, Keonté is taking on parenting from both ends of the spectrum. She manages to divide her time between both worlds. Motherhood teaches her the art of multi-tasking. (Sidenote: it doesn’t get easier as they get older)

When Keonté is not blogging, tweeting, updating her status on Facebook, or being ‘social’ on some other network, you can find her napping, laughing out loud, window shopping or deciding which take-out menu to order dinner from. Her extreme love for a great bargain has fueled Keonté's passion for thrift store finds and consignment scores. Keonté credits her down-to-earthness to her family and friends who keep her grounded.

Want to work with Keonté? Have a question? Email her at keonte.smith@gmail.com.

Brands I’ve Boosted:


Baltimore Chevy Girl @chevybaltimore
Served as 1 of 3 Baltimore Area bloggers who test drove a Chevy Traverse for one month while documenting missions surrounding the vehicle. Baltimore Chevy Girls on the Go.
Served as a "socialite" in the months following to promote fun contests, the group's Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as participate in conversations online. Also provided feedback and suggestions to the local dealers. 

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