Just For Me: Curl Peace Haircare Products Wash Stress Away (AD)

On most days, Liam's hair is as big as his enormous personality. But the past few weeks—maybe even months—have been met with a bit of hair care neglect thanks to a disturbance in our daily routine. Much of our motivation has shrunk in the same way that Liam's hair has. We've had to comb through a lot of tangles, both literally and figuratively.

I've reached for the scissors in frustration on several occasions, ready to send his kinks, coils and curls on a good-bye tour. Seven years in and this haircut still hasn't happened. The threat has become just as dull as the scissors I have yet to put into use. I'm brushing it all off for now. Get it? Brushing. Haha! Yes, I am this corny.

Just as we were about to mourn the death of Liam's 'fro, JUST FOR ME stepped in to save the day,  sending over a generous box of goodies from their CURL PEACE kid's haircare product line for us to  give a try. Look at (the hair) God(s)!
Imagine Curl Peace™, where creative kids love their Kinks, Coils & Curls. Specially crafted with gentle nourishing ingredients, Curl Peace™ makes natural hair care for girls and boys easier. From wash day to styling and maintenance, hair is left moisturized, soft and tangle free. We do it for the kids. And for you. (Ok, mostly for you) Curl in Peace. 
In our box of goodies, we received: 

5-in-1 Wonder Spray
Tender Head Detangling Treatment
Ultimate Detangling Shampoo
Ultimate Detangling Conditioner
*Nourishing & Defining Slime Styler*
Nourishing Hair & Scalp Butter
extras like play slime, headscarf, coloring book, detangling brush and coupons...

The newest addition to this line is the Just For Me Curl Peace Nourishing & Defining Slime Styler: $8 on Amazon and Sally Beauty

Curl Peace Nourishing & Defining Slime Styler is a children’s hair gel formulated with nourishing Olive Oil, Aloe Vera and Coconut Water that gently defines kid’s (and adults!) kinks, coils and curls. This weightless gel is perfect for wash and go curl definition or texture setting. From braid outs to twist-outs and bantu knots, use our Slime Styler to get creative with their kinks, coils and curls.

Much to my surprise, Liam was down for wash day. The idea of a package arriving for him was just the bait needed to get my hands on his hair. I wasn't going to waste one moment <insert evil villain fingers here>. 

To be fully transparent, we've tried other brands of hair products before and have sang their praises. That doesn't mean we can't love others; we appreciate each of them for various reasons. 


The colors. Imagine having to send someone into the store to pick up an item or two. You'd simply direct them to the blue and green packaging. We love a standout product!

There's not breaking the bank with this line. Most items are priced just right with average costs just around $5 and others are a little above that, making them affordable and a great value. Of course it will vary depending on where you make your purchase.

I loved seeing all the #blackgirlmagic and #blackboyjoy on the promotional advertising for this line. Also, as a boy mom, I was excited to see the little guys included in the talk about hair. It is important that our kids learn to love their natural hair, whether it be long, short, curly or straight.

I typed in my zip code and several stores locations popped up on the map. Walmart, Target, Sally and Beauty are some of the locations you can grab Just For Me: Curl Peace. Online merchants like Amazon are plentiful, too. If you want it, chances are you'll be able to find it. 

What's that smell? It's my hair, of course. Nothing is more refreshing than a head of heavenly-scented hair. The scent wasn't too overpowering for sensitive noses, especially for the little ones. Makes it a delight to snuggle your nose into their hair for a cuddle session. Yummy!

We enjoy being introduced and trying out new products. It gives us the opportunity to be exposed to things we may have never had on our radar. Our favorite products were the Tender Head Detangling Treatment and the Nourishing & Defining Slime Styler. I liked how the THDT loosened up the tangles in the hair before we even got started washing. I liked the consistency and texture of the NDSS. These two items will stick around for our future wash dates because they were the most effective.

If there is one complaint, it would be finding the right combination of products and routine that won't leave Liam's hair with a white residue. Something goes wrong in the drying stage of our haircare process and causes his hair to have white flakes. A bit of patience and research should fix this problem.

When the day comes when he finally decides to take me up on that scissors offer, I'll be right there waiting. And there will be nothing dull about this moment. At the end of the day, Liam's hair doesn't define who he is. Ya'll heard what India Arie said. It's an exclamation point to who he already is. Addition, not subtraction. Black. Boy. Joy.

About Just For Me:
Specially made for girls AND boys, Just For Me® Curl Peace™ takes the stress out of styling so tug resistant, tender-heads can get back to the fun and games. Formulated with gentle ingredients like Shea Butter, Raw Honey and Marshmallow Root Extract, Curl Peace™ leaves kid’s kinks, coils and curls tangle free, moisturized and soft.

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Disclosure Information: I was provided products to review.

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  1. This video and review was amazing! Thank you, his hair looks great! Bantu knots for bed-genius!


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