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Que the music – "They say this is a big rich town..." and you know the rest!

Season 4 of 'Power' returns to STARZ tonight at 9 PM (or right now if you start your free trial for the STARZ app.). With Season 3 ending in the shocking  arrest Omari Hardwick's character,  James "Ghost"  St. Patrick, it's sure to keep the anticipation levels high. I knew that Ghost couldn't go undetected forever, but I never expected his arrest would come at the hands of Angela Valdes (Lela Loren), who wore blinders throughout the entire Angie-Ghost love affair. Having already previewed the first episode, I can tell you with certainty that this is going to be an all out war!
A little over two weeks ago, I was invited by the Starz TV family (shout out to XFinity Moms) to attend a Season 4 Premiere Party in Washington, DC at the beautiful Newseum on Pennsylvania Avenue. It was a POWERful display of stars as they poured from their cars, into the building and onto the red carpet for interviews with some of the popular media outlets in the area. One by one they made their way down the carpet, donning their best fashion fits.

After an hour of shouts and calls of "over here! Omari! Fifty! Naturi!", we all headed to the theater to watch the Season 4, episode 1 premiere of 'Power'. Before all of the lights went down, there were a few notable speakers who shared their love for the show. The key theme fell on the lines of representation and diversity. Courtney A. Kemp (creator) and Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson (executive producer) have taken this show to a new level to maintain its authenticity. 
"In our world, the shifting beneath our feet, I think sometimes we all feel like Ghost, right? The minute we think we have it handled, something happens that changes everything." - Courtney A. Kemp, creator of 'Power'

Shot and produced in Brooklyn, New York (where several jobs and economic revenue have been generated), 'Power' attempts to represent diversity in the media. The storytelling, no matter how good or bad the experience, has done a great job of representing real-life for certain areas all over the country. I should note that 'Power' is the number one drama on television in Washington, DC which is part of the reason why the creator chose the district as the backdrop for the premiere party. 

For a little under an hour, we sat in our seats often talking back to the movie screen to express our dismay, agreement or shock over the scenes being played out. Then, the episode was over.

Applause filled the room as the end credits rolled and chatter buzzed throughout the theater. Immediate reactions among groups of friends could be heard in every inch of the building. Guests spilled into the lobby of the Newseum where we were greeted with drinks, light refreshments and musical selections from WKYS's own, DJ Quiksilva, on the ones and twos.
After enjoying delightful, passed hors d'oeuvres and signature drinks splashed with 50 Cent endorsed Effen vodka nonetheless, I scanned the room to take in all the energy in the room. I ran into fellow Xfinity Moms bloggers – Mimi Cute Lips, The Domestic Life Stylist and The Style Medic – who looked fabulous, as always.
The 'Power' cast mingled with everyone without hesitation. They stopped to chat, posed for pictures and made themselves available to the fans. I wear my "fangirl" title well. While I'm not extremely over-the-top with my approach, I have no shame when it comes to expressing my love and admiration for the people and/or things. 'Power' is a show that I have followed since it first hit the television screen and I haven't looked back (unless we're talking about watching a marathon). You can imagine my excitement level went through the roof when I saw each character just feet away from me at the reception.
Besides the stars of 'Power', there were local celebrities that dropped by the premiere. The ladies (and gentlemen) of the 'Real Housewives of Potomac', the Washington Wizards' point guard, John Wall and government officials from other states, as well as local. 

As noted by U.S. Representative Hakeem Jefferies, "in good television, art imitates life. But with great television, life at times can imitate art and 'Power' is great television. We all draw inspiration from it."

The night was more than the star power and the glitz and glam of it all. It was a real celebration of a television show that aims to connect people from all walks of life through a world that many of us have no clue about. Through their experiences, we as viewers are able to find that one part where we can relate, drawing us in each week and wanting to know more. We become invested in characters and begin to take it all personal.

If you're looking for a great show to watch, I'm not really here to convince you to watch 'Power'. It's more like, "I told you so!"

Season 4 of 'Power' returns to television on Sunday, June 25 on Starz at 9 PM.
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 Disclosure Information
I was invited by Starz to attend this premiere event. I was not obligated to share my experience, but it was so great that I had to. The views and opinions are my own.

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