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I am still raving about my family's fun night with UniverSoul Circus this past Thursday at the National Harbor in Oxon Hill, Maryland. It's an event that leaves a lasting impression on the attendees and has them talking about it for days and weeks after. I was reminiscing about our last adventure back in 2011, our first time ever attending. It was just like I remembered – fun, fun, fun! If you want to be apart of all the fun, I encourage you to visit UniverSoul Circus before it leaves the DMV area at the end of this month (July 31, 2016). If you need a little convincing on why you, your family and friends MUST attend, here are five reasons to help you with your decision:
1. There is no such thing as a bad seat.
The circus takes place under a tent (big top) and is laid out in the typical circular design, or a "ring". Each act enters the tent and takes center stage. Most of the performers make an effort to visit each side of the ring so that every section can get a piece of the action. There may be a few times when you're viewing the backs of heads (depending on your seat), but this does not take away from the show. Keep seat selection in mind when you are purchasing tickets. Don't be discouraged about sitting too far away or high up. The view is great from mostly everywhere.

2. Crowd participation.
This show belongs to you. Attendees are highly encouraged to get up, dance, perform and become apart of a few of the acts. This is why no two shows are ever the same. The UniverSoul Circus is so original and unpredictable because of this element. Most people are far from shy in this atmosphere, so you will mostly likely see several hands waving in the air, hoping they are chosen to participate. If you have ever wanted to join the circus, now is your chance. Make sure you shine during your moment.

3. Music. Dancing. Music. Did I say, "dancing"?
Who knew that I was going to be partying under the big top? I would have worn my dancing shoes. Before I even made it into the tent, I could hear the music pouring into the air. Upon entering, there was an energy like no other. People were out of their seats, groovin' and having a great time. Most of the dancing was being led by a group of fantastic performers known as Fresh the Clowns  (they weren't even creepy). The latest dance crazes were demonstrated and a few classics were played. It was the perfect mixture of old and new. Something for the entire family. Here's a spoiler: Soul Train line!

4. Diversity.
There are acts included in the circus from all over the world. Watch the big screen for more information as the show is being performed. You will be amazed by the amount of diversity that is included in the show. Acts from Trinidad and Tobago, China, USA, South Africa, Italy and a lot more. It literally and figuratively adds an assortment of color. The global awareness of the UniverSoul Circus is amazing and is a common theme throughout the show. Their messaging is very simple, "We are one"!

 5. Add-ons. The circus is the main performance, but you will find that there is so much more going on around you. You can ride the elephants or camels (for a fee). You can buy classic circus treats like snocones, popcorn and cotton candy (do not bring any outside food or drink with you). There are several toy options for purchase that help illuminate the big top with their colorful lights. I also love that there is a photographer that comes around to capture a picture of you and your group. You can choose to buy the picture if you want.

I could probably add more items to this list, but I am hoping that you visit UniverSoul Circus and are able to add your own reasons. I am sure that you will have no problem doing so.
You should know that the circus is on the grounds of the National Harbor. You will not miss the big tents upon your arrival. The location is 300 Waterfront Street Oxon Hill, MD 20754. There is parking available on the lot next to the tents. However, I parked in the St. George parking garage across the street from the show. It was a $10 fee. Make sure you plan accordingly for after the show. There will be a lot of traffic leaving at once, so if you don't have patience, try another option. Also, you can use your credit card to pay AT the gate on your way out. It is much easier than waiting at the machine. DO NOT LOSE YOUR TICKET.
Also, the circus starts promptly at the set time. You don't want to miss a single minute. Doors open an hour before the show starts in case you want to arrive early and get in your seats or take in a little of the action. Also, there may be lines of people waiting to get in, so do yourself a favor and arrive early. The show runs for approximately 3 hours, including intermission. I thought that would be a lot for my toddler crew to handle, but they hung in there the entire time and were never bored. Also, my baby nephew even enjoyed it and didn't cry once (he had noise reduction headphones on because it can get a little loud).

Overall, the circus was a blast. Take my word for it. Even better, go see for yourself. Purchase your tickets to UniverSoul Circus now. This is definitely an event for the entire family, from ages 0 to 110.

Best. Circus. Ever!
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Thanks to UniverSoul Circus for providing my family with complimentary tickets to attend the event. The opinion and views are my own.
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