Don't Forget The Duracell Batteries...or Else! #PowerTheHolidays #sponsored

It's Christmas morning. Excitement fills the air, along with the pitter-patter of tiny (and large) feet running down the hall. The tree shines brightly, illuminating the what looks like a department store, but is clearly a living room. Santa has been busy circling the country to deliver the hottest toys, gadgets and electronics on the lists of those who have been nice. The anticipation of revealing what's under the gorgeous wrapping paper is at an all-time high. It's going to be a blast seeing everyone's reaction to their gifts.

Unless, someone forgot to purchase Duracell batteries from Walmart to go along with them. Oh no! Why Duracell?
Duracell CopperTop All-Purpose alkaline batteries are not only dependable, they’re also long-lasting. You can take comfort in a 10-year guarantee in storage with Duralock Power Preserve Technology. They’re great for many of the devices you use on a daily basis in your home. And from storm season to medical needs to the holidays, Duracell is the #1 trusted battery brand of first responders, pharmacists and parents, so you know it’s a battery you can trust. CopperTop batteries are available in AA, AAA, C, D and 9V.

16 pack:
Duracell Coppertop AA Batteries in a Doublewide pack deliver efficient and reliable power in popular battery powered devices such as toys, Wii remotes, portable gaming systems, smoke alarms, clocks and radios. Use them in all of your devices and enjoy the fact that they are long-lasting. The Duracell AA batteries come in 16 count pack to provide plenty of power.
Duracell batteries are not only for the holidays, but everyday use (like those remote batteries that you refuse to change...ever).

We were already Duracell battery users before I wrote this post. So, it made it that much easier to share how effective and lasting they are when used at home. We always keep a pack handy because almost every toy that my youngest son owns requires batteries. And every parent knows what happens when a child has a toy that is suppose to make noise, but can't make noise because there are no batteries in it. Let me just show you what happens in our home:

I immediately ran to get the 16-pack of Duracell batteries. You would have thought someone has stolen his toy instead of forgetting to put the batteries in it. Thank goodness we had several on hand. My little guy could hardly wait to power up his toy phone and watch as it lit up and made noises. Duracell to the rescue!

Just to be on the safe side, I went ahead an added Duracell batteries to his other toys. I did not want another episode like the one above. This way, there will be no interruption to his play time and Mommy may get a chance to do something productive.

This holiday season, make sure you grab a 16-pack of batteries to avoid serious meltdowns. You can even pick up a 4-pack of Duracell batteries and use them as stocking stuffers. Great idea, huh?

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