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Time seems to be the one thing that people can afford give anymore, and even that comes with a price. I would love to be able to donate money to some of my favorite charities or help alleviate the costs that are associated with my son's membership in various organizations...but I can't. It's rough out here (wherever "here" may be). So, I come up with other ways to contribute. But I still want to do more...because that is how I roll. And frankly, fundraisers drive me crazy. Whenever my son prances in the house with a folder full of gift catalogs, order forms and prize charts, I give a noticeable eye roll. No one wants to order $17 wrapping paper with cute little bears printed all over it. Besides, that is what the dollar stores are for – bargains on everyday items. I believe particular fundraisers are pointless, waste money and turn our children into annoying sales people. And who knows where all that money is really going.

I want to make a difference in my community, along with some of my friends and family. I would like to help other local families obtain items they may need at home, without having to spend a lot of money (and have a reason to purge items from my closet in the process). The event would be a huge swap. Members of the community would donate unwanted items from home (toys, clothes, small appliances, canned goods, coupons, shoes...ANYTHING). Instead of using money to purchase the items, there would be trades. "I'll trade you this gently used bath robe for that beautiful mirror." Of course, negotiations will be made, but there is no reason to stress over money. All unclaimed items would be donated to a local thrift shop.

That is what community is all about.

Thanks to the Johnsonville Charity Sponsorship program, a donation of up to $1,000 would help fund activities for the event and other expenses like food, drink, entertainment, etc. It would be a great community day.

Now, don't get me wrong. There are a lot of great ways to earn money for organizations, school and other events. I was just pleasantly surprised to find out about Pear and their unique way of providing sponsorships in an effort to help raise funds for a particular cause. As a blogger, I know the importance of partnering with brands to create mutual benefits for everyone involved. The relationship should fit and make sense. Just like the reasoning behind why you choose to support the group/organization/event when you make a donation or buy an item. Does grandma really want another vanilla scented candle to place on her mantle, just so you can meet your sales quota? Probably not.

That is wear comes in. Check out this video to get a glimpse into just how cool this way of sponsorship is changing the game:

How awesome is this?! So awesome that, I could not wait to create my Pear.

Here's a little incentive for you to create your own Pear. Head on over to the site by clicking here. Once you have created your Pear, come back to THIS POST and share the link to your Pear in the comments section. You will receive $50 to your Pear!
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