Maliyah Skye

12:17 PM

My family continues to grow. It seems like there is a new addition every year. No complaints here. I believe that it is a blessing to have such a large family. More love to give and receive.

Over the last few months, I have added two new cousins to the family – a boy and a girl. Kaleb, arrived August; Maliyah followed shortly after in September. I cannot help but stalk their pictures whenever either of their parents posts to a social network. They make my heart melt.

You may remember my goddaughter, Mariah, who I write about from time to time on my blog. Well, Maliyah is Mariah's baby sister (Iyana is now the middle child). Big sister is settling into her role extremely well. She thinks she is the mother and is rightfully protective over her baby sister.

I finally had the chance to see Maliyah yesterday. I was getting over a nasty cold and I did not want to poison her with my germs, so I wanted a bit. It was so worth the wait. Look at some of these great pictures from our day.

Babies (and children in general) restore my happiness instantaneously. Isn't that what life is about?
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