VIDEO: ThredUP Review and Haul (with Forever 21 Items)

Lately, there has been a lot of illumination in my room during the wee hours of the night. No, it's not the television...or the night light (I hate the dark)...or an alarm clock. It happens to be the screen light of the iPad as I search the THREDUP app. I am just a bit addicted, even when I'm know I'm not going to purchase anything. I know, I know – intervention!

So, what is THREDUP? Well, in a nutshell, it's an online consignment shop that sells "practically new, amazingly awesome clothing" for women and children. You can buy and sell items. Never dread cleaning out your closet again because you will now be rewarded for it (if you decide to send in your items) with a credit/cash payout for items that are accepted. I sent in my first bag a few weeks ago and most of my items were accepted. Here's a look at my bag below:

Old Navy T-shirt, Short
Old Navy T Shirt, Short Sleeve

Old Navy Button Down, Old Navy Button Down, Short Sleeve
Old Navy T-shirt, Short
Old Navy T Shirt, Short Sleeve
SmartFit Dress Shoes 3
SmartFit Dress Shoes
Old Navy Summer Dress Old Navy Summer Dress
Bebe Shrug Lg Bebe Shrug
Kardashian Kollection Blouse, Short Kardashian Kollection Blouse, Sh...
Kardashian Kollection Blouse, Short Kardashian Kollection Blouse, Sh...
Aldo Rain Boot 36 Aldo Rain Boots
BCBGeneration Heels/pump 6 BCBGeneration Heels/Pumps
Vince Camuto Heels/pump 6 Vince Camuto Heels/Pumps
Maggy London Casual Dress Maggy London Casual Dress
Bebe Jean Short 28 Bebe Jean Shorts
Kardashian Kollection Summer Dress
Kardashian Kollection Summer Dress

I send clothes to a local consignment shop as well. They have a 60/40% split for items. I don't make tons of money from this, but it's great to get rid of unwanted items and make at least something from them. I think where THREDUP comes out more positively is the initial price they offer for your items. They give them a higher value. That can be good or bad. I want my items to sell, so I don't want them going for too much. I like that THREDUP gives you upfront pay, too. I don't have to wait for my items to sell. They estimate what they think they will make off of certain items. You can opt to have your unaccepted items sent back to you for a fee of $12.99. 

I recently had an amazing purchasing experience with THREDUP that I wanted to share. I was able to get 9 items – some new with tag – for $33! They are mostly Forever 21 items. One item is made by Rachel Kate and is covered with awesome flamingos. Here are the items that came in my polka dot box (excuse the lack on enthusiasm in the video...I was up with a sick toddler the night before):

Here is a detailed list of the items that were purchased. with the price AFTER the 40% off promotional code. If you click on "info", you should be able to see each item: 
  •   Item #2559437
    Rachel Kate Blouse, Sleeveless Lg (Tiny Flaw)   info

  • Item #2615016
    Forever 21 Sweatshirt Lg   info

  • Item #2643264
    Forever 21 Casual Dress Lg (Tiny Flaw)   info

  • Item #2632377
    Forever 21 Romper Lg (NWT)   info

  • Item #2668862
    Forever 21 Casual Dress Lg   info

  • Item #2619528
    XXI Casual Dress Lg (Tiny Flaw)   info

  • Item #2604725
    Forever 21 Casual Dress Lg   info

  • Item #2639693
    Forever 21 Cocktail Dress Lg (NWT)   info

  • Item #2609521
    XXI Top, Sleeveless Lg   info
I often send out my referral link for others to sign up to the site. There is something in it for the both of us. If you sign up using my link ( you will receive a $10 credit towards your purchase on the site. Once your item ships, I will also receive a $10 credit. You can begin sharing your own referral link after signing up. The credits go on your account and are deducted from the total of your purchase during checkout. You will be amazed at how much you can save or get free from this awesome sharing method.

A few people come to the site discouraged because it suggests that you need to spend a certain amount to use the credit. However, the $10 comes off of your cart no matter what your total is. 

My cousin signed up for THREDUP using my referral link. I then received a credit to the site. With that $10, I was able to purchase a pair of, you guessed it, Forever 21 camel wedge sandals. They were listed for $11.49 on the site. After taking the $10 off, I walked away with a pair of cute shoes for $1.49 (not including shipping). They retail for $33 in the store. I would say this was a great deal. Take a look at these fab (and ridiculously tall) wedges:

If you have clothes sitting in your closet and know you will probably never wear them, you should start with a clean out bag. 

I'm on my way over now to see what new items have been added. They update their site often. In fact, I've probably missed something fabulous while typing this post up. Don't take my word for it – try it out for yourself. I personally prefer using the THREDUP app (android users).

There are so many reasons why you should check this site out. Start with a $10 credit. I guarantee you will find something for yourself or a friend.

**I would like to mention that this post IS NOT SPONSORED. I hate that I have to include this disclaimer, but it's part of the blogging world. I do participate in a lot of sponsored post opportunities. But, I have always been a sharer offline and online. When I like something, you will know. 
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