Flower Power: If @TheBouqs Fit, Wear It! #BOUQLOVE {sponsored}

I have never been a huge chocolate-jewelry-flowers girl. Ironically, those are all things that Ian bought for me in the first few months of us dating. It was a sweet gesture and I was more than appreciative (except when I lost the diamond tennis bracelet he bought for Valentine's Day, in gym class, only to discover my teacher found it, kept it as her own and I never asked for it back). But I eventually gave Ian the 4-1-1 on just how simple of a girl I really was(am) when it came to gift-giving. Quality over quantity (or price) has always been my motto. If it came from the heart, I loved it even more.

And that is where the rest of Ian's gifts came from.

I guess my love for flowers was stronger than I had originally thought because I sure did perk up whenever I received them – especially those unexpected deliveries or "just because" flowers. I was convinced there was something magical about them and how they most certainly brighten up a person's day. So, when I was contacted by The Bouqs to become an ambassador for their company, I was more than delighted to take them up on the offer. Free flowers? I'm there!

I browsed through the brightly-colored and beautiful assortment of flowers on the website. I was impressed with the unique arrangements, selection and combination of flowers that were offered. They put other flower-ordering services to shame. I mean, why send some boring bouquet when you can send a Bouq?!

I eventually decided to order the CONFETTI bouquet. I love roses and color, so this was the perfect pick for me.

My flowers shipped pretty quickly. I was in no rush to receive them, but was excited when I saw the box waiting on the front doorstep. I quickly opened the box.

I am not the best keeper of anything living, besides my little people. I followed the instructions as best as possible so that I could maximize the time to enjoy my roses. After about a week or so, the edges of the flowers became wilted and begin to die. But there was plenty of life left in them.

I wasn't quite ready to part with my vibrant roses. I thought of several ways to extend the beauty of my confetti roses.

First, I thought they would make the perfect accessory to my simple, cotton dress if I added a few of them to my hair. I cut the stem down low and secured the roses on the side of my head, tucked away in my twists. They looked gorgeous and smelled great, too.

Next, I practiced holding it as a, get this, bouquet (like, The BOUQS...duh). By now the heat and exposure to the sun had conquered the roses. But you get the point. Don't forget to think about The Bouqs when you are looking for a unique bouquet for your wedding. It's perfect and stress free. Sending online flowers has never been easier. Set the exact date when you want your flowers to arrive and order them at a set price.

Then, I then played a game of He-Loves-Me-He-Loves-Me-Not. I picked off the petals one by one and watched them fall to the ground softly. I wasn't concerned with the outcome of the game. I already know the answer. ;)

Finally, I picked up all of the petals. After having my Coming to America moment, I tossed them in the air. It was too fun. I need to do this more often.

I think my disdain for flowers when I was younger came from the idea that they are wasteful. I thought that money could be spent somewhere else, something that would be forever. To some degree, I feel still feel this way, but I have changed the way I embrace receiving flowers. If someone wants to gift me with flowers, I will let them. There is nothing negative about receiving them (well, the "I'm sorry" flowers may be...ha). And look at all the wonderful things you can do with flowers – hair accessory, bouquet, petal toss, arts & crafts, potpourri, etc.

Don't let me do all the convincing. The Bouqs has received a ton of great reviews from some big names. Order your flowers today for someone special...or yourself. I want my flowers while I'm still alive.

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