#WellBeginnings Diapers from Walgreens Will Have Baby Off to a Great Start #AD

I say "pee-pee" and "poo-poo" way more than I'd care to admit. My vocabulary is lacking quite a bit of sophistication these days. But I would be fibbing if I said I gave a crap...because I don't. And sadly enough, pun is intended. 

As the mother of a growing baby boy, I am always looking for products that will make our lives easier. By easier I mean – they do not cost a load of money, they are functional, efficient and are safe for my baby. This list of requirements may seem like too much to ask for, however, Walgreens has found a way to satisfy all of my wants/needs by creating a diaper that is, well, all of the above. Introducing, Well Beginnings:

I put these adorable, elephant-embellished diaper (see cute pic above) to the test on my little guy to see just how they measure up to some of the other brands we have used. Here is what I discovered:

Liam turned these diapers into his own personal blanket. (He just loves to make a mess and bust the packet open, resulting in them going all over the place.) Both the outer and inner coverings of this diaper are soft for baby's skin. The inner liner is even hypoallergenic, with natural botanicals, vitamin E and aloe.

Liam just graduated to a size 4 diaper. If it wasn't for his big belly (blame table food on this), he could have stayed in size 3 for awhile. But, he needs a stretchable design that will move with is body and keep him comfortable as he moves.

Liam played for awhile, then I laid him down for a nap. I do not like to disrupt him as he is falling asleep, nor do I want to wake him to change a wet/dirty diaper. Therefore, it is important that a diaper prevents leakage at any time of the day. Well Beginnings diapers did just that. He woke up with a wet diaper, but the sheets remained dry.

For the rest of the day, Liam was his busy self. He crawled, attempted to take a few steps, fell on his bottom, played with is toys, rolled around on the floor and anything else you can imagine a baby would do in one day.

I was also able to try new Well Beginnings Sensitive Wipes on my baby as well. I could not get over how the quality of these wipes. They are made with Tri-Form™; three layers of fabric with "two quilted, cottony soft outer layers" that provide a gentle touch on your baby's skin. We go through a lot of wipes – on the butt, face, hands, body – so it is nice to know that Walgreens took the time to insure these wipes are suitable for the little ones. Take a look at Liam's reaction when I told him just how safe they are for his delicate skin:

He was amazed!

Although Well Beginnings diapers are priced just a tad bit more than other store brand diapers, I can see us using these in the future. They measure up to other brands, offering great quality at an affordable price. I love the elephant design on the front. And did I mention that these diapers are made in the USA, because they are?!

If you are heading to your local Walgreens store, be sure to look for the Well Beginnings products on the shelf. You can't miss the vibrant blue packaging. I love the color.

Every parent wants what's best for their baby. Start them off great. Give them Well Beginnings.

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Well Beginnings. I was sent product to facilitate my review and I was paid for my time. The opinions and views are my own. 
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