The Eleven Year Old Wagon #thestep2company

Eleven years ago (roughly), at Kaden's first birthday party, he sat in a booster seat, surrounded by tons of gifts from family and friends. Looking back on this day, I realize just how ridiculous the amount of presents he had (not a lot has changed in that area today, but I digress). There were enormous boxes that towered over the children in attendance at the birthday party. As it turns out, Kaden received a Harley Davidson Power Wheels (from my parents) and a Step 2 wagon (from his great grandmother Tine). Check him out in the picture above.

Can you believe he still owns both of these items?

All the wagon needed was a good wash. There was no cosmetic damage at all. The Step 2 company makes durable products that last a lifetime. It is worth the money to invest in one of their products. (not sponsored)

Look at Kaden's face as he stands (not recommended, but hey, children are children) in his wagon.

With Maryland experiencing Spring-like weather this week, I decided to break out Kaden's old wagon. Not for him, of course. We have officially passed it down to his brother, Liam, and he could not have been more excited to receive it.

Kaden used to love being pulled in his wagon. Outdoor play was one of my tactics to make him tired so that he would take a nap. I am adapting the same technique with Liam. We had a ball outside yesterday.

It feels like déjà vu. Every experience that we have gone through with Kaden growing up seems to be the same ones that Liam is going through as well. I love it!

It's great to know that in this life of constant change...some things do still stay the same.

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