One...and Done! Liam's First Birthday Party.

The best plan, sometimes, is no plan. That is how the story begins.

I initially wanted to do something small for Liam's birthday. Eat cake. Be merry. You know, not make a big fuss about the day. I understand it's the first party (not birthday) and how huge of a celebration it is, but I have been exhausted by motherhood here lately. I was looking for an easy way out.

Liam woke up at midnight, full of energy, as his Dad and I were preparing for his birthday party.
Then, there is Liam's Dad. No way are you going to shortchange his boy. He is madly in love with them. Like, madly. I sometimes find myself giving the three of them a side-eye when they leave me out of their special moments. "Hello. It's me. Mom. I'm right here!"

I had just come in the house from a Cirque du Soleil show. I was tired. Look at my eyes. Liam did!
But, whatever. I guess I can't argue over their love. It's a blessing and beautiful.

So, where was I. Oh yeah...Dad. 

He decide that we should have a small gathering of our closest family and friends to celebrate Liam's one year birthday party. The weather was slated to be in the mid 60s, even after experiencing snow just a week or so earlier. We thought a cookout would be a great way to welcome Spring as well. So, we began planning...only a few days before.

Let me just suggest that no one, I mean NO ONE, try this at home. It was nuts. But, it came together.

I started baking as soon as I arrived at home. This is Liam's rainbow heart smash cake. I made 30+ cupcakes, too.
Immediately, family and friends began asking what they could do to help. The old Keonté would have tried to do it all. This time – I gave up control and asked for help. What the hell took me so long to do this?

I had family in the kitchen. Family helping set up tables. Family unloading the car. Family making store runs. Family cleaning up. Family holding Liam. Family everywhere.

At the end of the day, and with little time to plan, I would say that the day was awesome. It may not have been perfect and I may have felt a bit stressed at moments, but it all worked out.

Here is a look at Liam's day:

He woke up (after his midnight party) around 8 o' clock. 

He took a bath (using his new Mustela products #spon).

Then, we headed to the party at Liam's godfather's home, Vic Jr.

Once we arrived, everyone pitched in. My aunts, cousins, in-laws and friend helped set up, prepare dishes and fill in the blanks where needed. It was a total team effort. Ian had already been working hard on the grill before we arrived. He is in his happy place when he cooks on the grill. It's mighty tasty. I just let him be.

I wanted to go simple for the children's menu. I decide on french fries (in adorable cups found at Target on clearance for $.80), pigs in a blanket, chicken nuggets, applesauce pouches and fruit kabobs with yogurt dip. The day got away from me, so I don't have pictures of it all. Trust me, it was great.

Of course there were cupcakes, too. I went with a rainbow theme. The cupcakes were different colors inside. I made a rainbow out of Twizzlers and added marshmallows as clouds. Simple and cute.

I could not stress enough how Liam did not need gifts. This little fella has everything he needs.  I know a lot of people don't like to come empty-handed, so Liam did receive some. Thank you.

Liam enjoyed the company of his friends and family. First up, the little people.

We can't forget the big people. Only a few. We missed so many photo opportunities, I don't have nearly all the wonderful guests that attended (my friend Joy and her family had to leave early. She was a huge help). Aunt Kinsey helped out, as always, with so much. Don't know what I would have done without her on that day. And the 'rents. My parents and Ian's parents will chip in to do just about anything you ask. I can always count on them. My big boy, Kaden, probably grew tired of us calling his name for assistance. He was a big help, too. My Aunt Justine held the kitchen down. I admire her. Thanks, everyone!

A special "thank you" goes to Liam's godfather and my cousin, Vic. He was gracious enough to host Liam's birthday party. It was the perfect backdrop and location for the day.

As the night fell upon us, Liam could no longer handle it anymore. He took comfort in his Daddy's arms.

 By the time we got home, he looked like this:

 If that last picture is any indication of just how much fun Liam had, I would say his party was a success. There's nothing like making memories with the people you love, on a great weather day, with no plan.

Happy birthday, Liam. It was a happy day.

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