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Love the skin you're in. Right?! For the most part, I'm a firm believer in this statement. But my love for my skin falls short each time I bathe. You would think I was the close cousin of an alligator or crocodile with my scaly and dry skin. I even had the nerve to pass this awful coat of epidermis to my boys. Geez, thanks Mom!

From the first time I gave Liam a bath after leaving the hospital, I have noticed his skin is extremely dry. While I wanted to use the same traditional products on him as I had as a baby, I quickly realized that I was only doing more harm to his skin. Instead of retaining moisture, the products were stripping it away. This made my poor Liam scratch at his arms and legs way too often. I had to find a solution.

I was given the opportunity to try out a line of organic and cruelty-free baby products called Orico London: Little Love.  I was sent over two products from the line:

Gentle Soothing Wash (left)
Wash with love. Little Love Gentle Soothing Wash is a certified organic baby wash with all-natural ingredients to cleanse and moisturize soft, sensitive baby skin. With neroli and coconut to calm and soothe your Little Loves this is perfect at bath time as a baby wash or shampoo. $19 http://www.oricolondon.com/baby/gentle-soothing-wash

Protecting Baby Skin Balm (right)
Soothe with love. Babies need love, protection and comfort to thrive and Little Love Protecting Baby Skin Balm is formulated with that in mind. An urban-perfect balance of all-natural ingredients including neroli, shea butter, castor and sunflower oils, this organic baby balm moisturizes and protects delicate baby skin and creates a sense of calm for Little Loves. Smooth on to soothe away a diaper rash for a happy, relaxed baby and a happy you! $24 http://www.oricolondon.com/baby/protecting-baby-skin-balm

What I loved about the gentle soothing wash the thickness. It created a great lather on Liam's skin and I was able to cover and wash his entire body with just a dab of wash. I also liked the amount of bubbles the wash created. It always make for more fun during bath time.

Immediately following Liam's bath, I have to apply something to his skin to keep it from drying out completely. I prefer thicker creams that are absorbed well into his skin. The protecting baby skin balm did just that. I applied a tiny amount, but noticed how effective the balm was at moisturizing his skin. 

 I will say that the scent of each product takes some getting used to, but that is minor when you outweigh the benefits of the product.

I am happy to say that we have been using Orico London: Little Love a couple of weeks now and continue to like them. I'm not sure if the balm will cure Liam's overly dry skin, but for now it is adding some softness. We'll take that. Right, Liam?!

For more products and information, visit http://www.oricolondon.com.

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