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I never understood all the hype behind baseball. To me, "America's pasttime" was the act of me clicking the remote pass the channel showing baseball and getting on to something more entertaining. I could only patiently watch a televised baseball game during the height of the season, when popular teams were playing or something controversial was taking place. Let's just say, I wasn't a fan at all. That was the past! {Get your Washington Nationals Tickets}

Last year, I had the opportunity to visit the Washington Nationals Ballpark in Washington, D.C. (of course). My son, his grandfather and I were all treated to a thorough tour of the ballpark, access to special rooms and provided very informative stories about the history of the team. Part of the day's events included giveaway prizes. One of the prizes was a family 4-pack of tickets to attend a Washington Nationals baseball game. I knew that my odds were high because there were only a few other people in attendance. So, I crossed my fingers, sent up a little prayer and waited for my name to be called. It was! It was an amazing day and changed my perspective of the sport from that day on.

Who could believe that little miss I-do-not-love-baseball was excited to win tickets to attend a game?! Well, I was trying something different and I wanted to experience the atmosphere for myself. I was all in!

On a beautiful May day, my son, his grandfather, my boyfriend and I headed to the game. From the moment we hopped onto the Metro 'til the time we arrived at the admissions gate, everyone was beaming with Washington Nationals pride (there were a few non-fans, but they were greatly outnumbered). Everywhere you turned and looked, the red, white and blue occupied every inch of the park. The feeling was awesome.

Since that day, I have been to other baseball games. I must say that the experience in real life is ten times more exciting than watching on television. It is something that everyone should experience, especially as a family. And you would not believe how affordable a day at the ballpark can really be. This is where comes in. No Fees, Free Shipping, GUaranteed Below Box Office Pricing!

ScoreBig brings you tickets that go unsold from concerts, sporting events, family events, attractions and more for a fraction of the price. In a nutshell, it works like this: You search for the event that you want to attend, choose the seats that you like (sidenote: baseball is fun at any level), name your price and find out immediately if it is accepted. That's it! You can even earn credits by inviting your friends and family to sign-up on Make it your thing to attend a fun event every month. Your loved ones will truly appreciate it.

Even though baseball is done for this season, the Washington Nationals will be returning before you know it. I have set an alert to remind me when tickets go up on the site. You can check it out here. I have my eye on a few other events to attend. I just cannot decide.

How will you ScoreBig? Don't waste your time answering me. Just head on over to the site and start searching for your next event to attend. Happy savings! 

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