(Not So Bad) Catch-Me-Kitty by Vtech Toys

Liam has a pet kitty. She is the cutest little thing. We named her, Tangy (short for Tangerine), because of her beautiful, orange "fur".

I picked her up from a local shelter (the thrift store). She was stashed away in a cage (a box) with all the rest of the animals (toys). I immediately was drawn to her big, bright eyes and cute little face. Her whiskers outlined her darling nose and could be spotted from a mile away. I knew she was a keeper.

(S/N: There is a back story to this toy and it is a bit controversial. The original version included the lyrics, "Chase me, Race me", but the last part sounded like, "RAPE me".  Parents were furious and demanded people not buy this toys and to boycott it. I had no clue about this when I purchase it from the thrift store until I googled it at home. I was horrified. I am happy to report, we have the updated version. Vtech listened to consumers and reprogrammed the toy with an updated version of the song. It no longer says "race me". The toys now says, "Chase me, CATCH me" in order to avoid any confusion. Phew!) 

I asked the store clerk, "How much for the cat?"

Liam had already fell in love with Tangy. I had placed her on his lap and he immediately begin to pet her (try to put it in his mouth). There was no way we could leave without her.

As I waited for the store clerk to give me a great deal on this lovable creature, I was secretly hoping that she would suggests something reasonable and that the kitty would be coming home with us. After all, it was a shelter (thrift store), so the price had to be good.

"One dollar and fifty cents," she said, then paused to see if I was in agreement with the price given. I was.

"SOLD!" I responded with pure elation. This was a steal. At the pet store (online, in the toy store), these kittens go for $20+. I couldn't wait to get it home.

When I first let Tangy out, she wasted no time making herself at home. Moving all around (pouncing), singing (purring) and making Liam chase her. Now, technically, Tangy is a little more than Liam can handle (this toy is suitable for ages 12-36 months). But he still watched her zip pass him and reached out for her a few times. 

It didn't start out this way though. 

Liam was terrified of Tangy. She was loud, playful and a bit obnoxious. You know, like a kitten can be. Liam did not like this one bit and cried when he first played with her. 

That changed quickly. He wasted no time getting acquainted with his kitten. He did so by:

Trying to eat Tangy...

Pinning Tangy down...

and Pushing Tangy...

I'm not sure how long this is going to last. Liam may be allergic to cats. His nose starting running the moment she arrived. Poor fella.

I asked him how long he thought we should keep her and this was the look he gave me:

I think she's a keeper. Even better, she only eats 4 AA batteries and takes cat naps all day (when I turn her off).

If you're interested in picking up a Catch-Me-Kitty by Vtech, visit their site.

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This is NOT SPONSORED. We purchased this. It's ours. Just wanted to share. It's such a cute toy.  
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