Frugal Fall Fashion Fun for Baby

I hate repeating this, but I. LOVE. THRIFTING!!

I could shout that from the mountaintops and still not get it through enough people's head on just how beneficial it is to buy second-hand items. Especially baby's clothing. 

Children grow so fast.
Clothes are expensive.
Why spend a fortune on a pair of jeans that will last for three wears?

Now, by all means, if you have it – go for it!

If you don't – like me – or just want a great bargain, thrifting is where it's at.

On this beautiful Fall day, I decided that Liam and I would head out to catch a bit of the sun peeking through the clouds. We always try to get in a stroll or a walk outside to force some form of routine to our day. Besides, Liam loves being outdoors. He is so calm.

During the weekdays, I only dress Liam in onesies and sleepers. They are his "around the house" clothes. He only wears a complete outfit when we go somewhere special, so any opportunity I can get, I love to dress him up.

Before he was born, I accumulate a massive pile of clothing for him by hitting local thrift and consignment stores. With prices as low at $.50 for clothing and other necessities, how could one NOT take advantage of this type of deal?

I did. I do.

Today, we dressed up in this:

Sweater: Hartstrings sweater, thrift store find, $1
Jeans: Amy Coe, $1 thrift store find
Shoes: Old Navy, $5 
Approximately $7 total

And this:

Hat: homemade
Cardigan: Baby Gap, $14.99
Shoes: Old Navy, $5
Overalls: OshKosh B'gosh Genuine Baby, $1 thrift store find
Shirt: Old Navy, $1 thrift store find
Approximately $22 total

I wish I had a camera crew following me around when I snagged these deals. I know it's hard to believe that I get so many amazing prices on quality items, but I do. In fact, I will not purchase anything that isn't a good deal. Just ask my family and friends. They know just how frugal I am.

The great thing about it all is the fact that I'm not compromising style or quality. These are all great items.

And when it comes time to capture my baby wearing these items, he looks absolutely priceless in them.

Even the moments when he's not too thrilled are cute.

After a quick nap and meal, Liam was ready for round two. He is such a fun baby. I'm glad I exposed him to the camera early. Even though he hates being photographed, he recognizes the camera at the perfect moments. Here is the second outfit:

I'm sure Liam had no idea that he would be treated like a doll when he entered this Earth. It's kind of hard not to want to dress this little guy up. In a few years, I will not have the opportunity to do that, so I'm taking advantage of it now.

I just hope he knows that even though his material items cost little to nothing, the person wearing them is worth the more.

Tell me: Do you shop at thrift and consignment stores? What was your best find? Leave a comment below.

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Disclosure Information:
Although I do not need to disclose on this personal post, I just wanted my readers to know that this is NOT SPONSORED. All items in this post were purchased by me or gifted to Liam. I just wanted to share my great bargains with you. 
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