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Twenty four bottles of Milky on the wall. Twenty four bottles of Milky. You take one down and pass it around...


My lack of sleep due to new motherhood again has caused me intertwine two, contrasting worlds. When I explain my situation later on in this post, perhaps you will understand why I could really use a stiff drink...or three.(S/N I counted the bottles and there appears to be a few missing).

When my baby boy Liam was born, I had already made the conscience decision to breastfeed him. It was the natural thing to do. After all, I had done it successfully with my first son, Kaden, and had thoroughly enjoyed the experience of bonding with him during this process. I went several months of breastfeeding with Kaden, both pumping to bottle feed and feeding straight from the breasts. Even during the times when I grew frustrated from having painful breasts or feeling overwhelmed by constant feedings, nursing was the greatest gift I could give my baby.

But what happens when that gift is taken away from you like a thief in the night robbing your home of its most precious possessions as you sleep? What happens when your baby suddenly grows fussy because Mommy's boobs aren't doing what they are suppose to do? What happens when your supply just does not meet the demand of a hungry baby anymore?

First, cry. Then, wipe the tears away and grab a bottle of Milky!

Celebrated TV stars and new moms Tia Mowry-Hardrict and Tamera Mowry-Housley announced the launch of their new product line, Need™ — healthy, innovative products for moms and moms-to-be. The first product in the line is MILKY!™, a 2.5 ounce, lactation-enhancing herbal tea supplement created for moms who choose to breast feed. MILKY!™ debut at Destination Maternity®, Motherhood Maternity® and A Pea in the Pod® stores nationwide this past May.

MILKY!™ was originally featured on Style Network’s hit series “Tia & Tamera.” During the episode “Twinventors,” expectant mother Tamera became concerned that she would have difficulty producing enough breast milk for her son, a common but seldom discussed problem, which Tia also experienced. Tamera sought the advice of her maternity wellness expert, who recommended drinking fenugreek herbal tea. Neither sister liked the taste of the tea and desired a more convenient way to consume it. After much experimenting, they came up with their own great tasting recipe and set out to develop a healthy and all-natural product to assist all breastfeeding women including those coping with milk production issues. They partnered with a leading food scientist to refine their own unique formula into a quick and great tasting alternative: MILKY!™.

When consumed twice daily, MILKY!™ increases both the quality and quantity of breast milk a mother produces. Moms can say goodbye to brewing and consuming a cup of harsh-tasting fenugreek tea three times a day and can now enjoy the same benefits with a delicious strawberry flavor and on-the-go convenience of MILKY!™.
My cousin, who had just had a baby a month or so after Liam was born, just happened to visit Motherhood Maternity in the mall one day. She tweeted me a picture of the Milky! BTW, both Tia and Tamera retweeted our tweets. That was so awesome!

I was excited to possibly give Milky! a go. At this point, I was desperate. I needed to take back control of my milk supply and quickly. Liam had become extremely animated during our breastfeeding sessions. He wouldn't take either breasts or when he did, it never seemed like he was satisfied. I knew I needed a solution fast.

As the breastfeeding gods would have it, an e-mail, in the form of a press release, was in my mailbox the same day. A representative from the brand sent me an e-mail to introduce this new lactation enhancement product. Ding! This is just what I needed.

After a few exchanges back and forth, two boxes of Milky were headed my way and I was feeling more than thrilled. This would be enough product to get me through two weeks if I consumed two bottles per day.

For two weeks, my mornings started off with a bottle of Milky! It was great to have a routine. I noticed a strong kick of ginger with the first taste. It awakened my senses, in a way. I usually gulped the drink down. At 2.5 oz., it was easy and quick to drink.

I found that I loved to put my bottles of Milky! in the refrigerator. They just tasted better to me and calmed the ginger taste.  If you're wondering what other herbs and ingredients make up a bottle of Milky! and what benefit they serve, they are as followed:

*organic herbs
increases overall breast-milk supply

promotes faster let-down to alleviate baby’s colic symptoms

helps relieve upset stomach

eases tension in mothers

delivers natural anti-oxidants

Purified water, Organic Cane Sugar, Citric Acid, Organic Strawberry Extract, Natural Strawberry Flavor, Potassium Citrate, Sodium Citrate, Organic Stevia (Reb A, Natural Sweetener), Nisin & Polylysine (To Preserve Freshness)

I did notice an increase on the first few days. I know that the amount of breast milk that is pumped into a bottle is no clear indication of your real supply, but it was nice to see that I still has something left. I thought I was all dried out.

The days continued and I would drink two bottles of Milky! per day. At one point, I was able to get Liam back on my breasts without him fussing. That was a victory within itself.

I drank and drank. Then I fed and pumped. The cycle continued.

There were good days. There were bad days. And in the end, I just could not keep up with Liam's demand. I had lost my battle with breastfeeding.

I will say that Milky! restored my faith in the process. If it wasn't for this product, I probably would have completely dried up and lost those extra weeks of breastfeeding with my baby. Milky! definitely increased my supply, but not enough for me to adequately feed my son.

There are a couple of factors that must come into play when trying to increase your milk supply. You cannot rely on one method or product alone. I would say that my diet played a huge part in the the decrease of my milk supply, as well as a feeling of defeat. It's hard to admit it, but I gave up too soon. I was so spoiled from my first successful experience of breastfeeding that I forgot to take the necessary steps to maintain. I've learned not to be so hard on myself though. My baby boy is healthy!

I think I was drawn to this product because I watched it go from an idea to an actual product. As a fan of both Tia, Tamera and their reality television show, it was great to see a dream come true. It was a true inspiration to me and I'm sure other women out here who sit upon brilliant ideas every day and never give them a go. It was definitely a plus to see two positive forces behind the brand. Be sure to check out more from these two on the Need Brands website.

Why don't YOU give Milky! a try?!
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I was sent a 12 day supply of Milky! from Need Brands, free of charge, to facilitate my review. The opinions and views are my own.  
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