Park. Play. Pals.

I forgot how simple life can be. If today's time spent at the local park was any indication of how easy it is to appreciate the little things in life, I'll take it for what it's worth.

I owe much of today to my cousin, Tamara. She asked me if I wanted to go walking with her. I figured, "what the heck". It wasn't like I had to clear my busy schedule or anything. I'm so glad I made the effort and she called me. I need to do a better job of reaching out to people. This was one of the things the reverend talked about in church a few Sundays ago. God is working on me.

Besides my shortcomings, I have learned to appreciate so much more in life. Like how perfect the breeze rested on my cheeks and how the sun kissed my nose in the perfect spot. The weather was just perfect today.

Of course, Kaden and his cousin, Saniyah, did their own thing. Kaden rode his Shred Sled and Saniyah kept up on The Shred Sled Shox scooter. They always play well together.

After walking over three miles, we all hit the playground. What is it about the playground that brings out the kid in you? I love that feeling.

Liam stayed asleep while we were walking. But once the stroller stopped moving and we were on the playground, he opened his eyes and was back to being his happy, animated self.

He even discovered Tee's shirt. He loves the ladies. At one point, he was talking to her boobs. He's such a guy already.

We had such a great time, we hardly realized the day was ticking away.

Thank you, Tee, for getting me out of the house today.

What activities do you do with your family that require little preparation or effort?

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