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The moment your baby arrives, the doctor places him/her on your chest before you even notice all the "goo" they are covered in. Seeing that precious face makes you forget that your baby looks like this:

I love my baby and all, but I wasn't expecting him to be covered in all my love for so long. It did not bother me so much, but I was used to seeing them being whisked away and washed immediately like in the movies. Daddy Ian kept asking, "When are you all going to give him a bath?" They finally gave Liam one and he came back like a shiny, new baby.

Thank goodness you can control how much you wash your baby at home. Although babies do not need a bath everyday, it's hard to resist that sweet smell of a freshly cleaned bambino. Whenever I get the time, I love to wash little Liam off. This is why I was elated when I discovered the clever product called, Blooming Bath.

About Blooming Bath:
  • Naturally antimicrobial foam interior and fabrics – no chemicals
  • Simple set up in any sink, no mess clean up
  • Hanging tag for air drying or place in dryer to dry
  • You no longer have to lean, bend, sit or squat to bathe your child. It is the perfect solution for squirmy babies and sink baths.
  • Blooming Bath was imagined by 4 dads
  • Available in yellow, blue or pink colors
  • Extra soft, plush silky fabric
  • A complete hit a baby showers! Will be the talk of your next baby event
  • Parent test, parent approved winner and recognition seal
It is honestly the easiest product to use.

The Blooming Bath is literally a huge flower. It comes out of the package like this:

I simply placed it in the sink upon opening the package (it should be washed in the machine first).

Fill it with an inch of water. Make sure the temperature is correct.

And of course you need a baby.

My little guy is not the happiest during bath time. He wasn't that old when he took this bath. However, Blooming Bath can be used on newborns to age six months. I guess it just depends on each baby's temperament.

Halfway through the process, Liam began to calm down. I was able to get him cleaned up in on time. I just kept dipping the washcloth in the bath and quickly wiped the baby off. It was so simple. I used a few trusted products to help move things right along as well.

By the end of the bath, Liam was just fine.

I absolutely love this product. It was right on time too. At Liam's one week check-up, his pediatrician told me that all he needed was a simple sink bath. To do this, line the sink and fill it with water. That is basically what the Blooming Bath is, just way more cute.

The Blooming Bath saved me a ton of time. The set-up and clean-up were both easy. This is an absolute plus for parents with little to no time. I also love that you can toss the Blooming Bath in the washing machine to clean it. To top it all off, the Blooming Bath can be used as a play mat when your child outgrows it. Now that is getting your money's worth for sure.

If you want to purchase your own Blooming Bath, visit a US buybuyBaby stores. You can also check the Dealer locator.

Now it's time for your little one to have their very own Blooming Bath.

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