The Birth of Liam Brooks (Part Two)

I woke Ian up in a slight panic. He had just laid down to catch a quick nap before things got underway.

"It's time! The nurse said we can come in."

Ian wasted no time getting up. He gathered all of our belongings, including my Mommy/Delivery bagand packed them in the car.

Last picture of me pregnant
I tried waking a very exhausted Kaden up from a deep slumber. He stared at me like a crazy woman, and rightfully so, as I towered over him in bed.

"Kaden, we're on our way to the hospital. You need to put some shoes on so we can go. I have to be there by a certain time."

He obliged, at turtle pace.

I continued to walk aimlessly around the house. I knew this moment would come, but the reality settled quickly into my stomach and turned it inside out. I was exposed completely. My heart was racing, as well as my mind. This was really happening.

I wore a black Liz Lange for Target Maternity Contoured Knit dress, a pair of black leggings and Ugg boots to the hospital. I even tried to give my hair a little boost before leaving. 

Oddly enough, I wanted to drive to calm my nerves. I have this weird anxiety thing where I like to drive. I get kind of antsy in the car when others drive. Don't ask. It just works for me.

We dropped Kaden off at his grandparents' house. I tucked him in and told him that I love him. I knew that it would be the last time I would be the mother of one child. I felt sad and excited at the same time.

The ride to the hospital felt like an eternity. There were little to no cars on the road at close to 1:00 AM Friday morning.

I was a complete chatterbox. I engaged Ian in various conversations. I'm lucky he entertained all my thoughts. Otherwise, I would have been a complete wreck.

We arrived at Anne Arundel Medical Center...again. We headed to the second floor of the Rebecca Clatanoff Pavilion...again. We checked into labor and delivery...again. It was very quiet and calm...again.

Immediately, we were given bracelets to identify the mother and the birthing partner. This would stay on throughout our entire hospital stay. The baby would get one upon birth. 

My first nurse walked Ian, my mother and me to the labor and delivery room. It was quite tiny compared to the room I had eleven years ago giving birth to Kaden. I guess it did not matter the size of the room, as long as the end result was a happy and healthy baby.

I undressed and got comfy in my hospital gown. I now laugh at the thought of ordering a fancy gown to labor in. It would have been a total waste. Besides, even Beyonce wore the gown provided by the hospital...and she's a millionaire.

I received an IV. I absolutely hate needles, with a passion. I joked with the nurse that they hurt more than labor AND delivery. She laughed, but continued to poke away at my tiny veins.

I was given oxytocin to help get the labor going and penicillin  for my group B strep. I was relaxed and calm for the most part. I mean, there wasn't really much to do at 2 AM in the morning.

We all watched TV for a bit and then decided that rest was the best thing for us to do. No one knew just when it would all go down. I fell asleep without knowing. It was the best four hours of sleep yet.

At around 6 AM on Friday morning, I was awakened by the breaking of my water. It was a slight pop, as if someone had removed a plug and all of the contents were free to go. In my case, it was amniotic fluid. My bed begin to get soaked. I called for Ian, who was asleep on a not-so-comfy couch for birthing partners, to let him know that my water had in fact broke. I had to use the bathroom, too. It was crazy. I walked across the floor with a trail of "water" leaving its mark wherever I went.

Things were starting to roll.

After only a few minutes after my water broke, the contractions began. I think I did a great job tolerating them. They felt like horrible menstrual cramps in the beginning, then quickly increased to annoying pains. I continued to breathe through them, gripping the side of my bed. On occasion, I would request that Ian rub some part of my body to soothe me. Of course he listened. No one wanted me to release the demon.

My nurse checked me. I was 3 cm dilated. Not bad for only 4 hours of being at the hospital with a completely closed cervix. I was making great progress.

As the contractions intensified, I could no longer take the pain. I asked for an epidural. It was the greatest decision I could have made. Thank goodness I did not get a glance at the needle they insert into your back or I may have passed. But I managed to sit there and take it like a woman, even as I was contracting.

Once the medicine kicked in, I was at peace. I must have been extremely peaceful because I once again allowed my family to bring Chick-fil-a into the delivery room. Fortunately, I had feasted on a great dinner before coming into the hospital. So, I was fine for the moment. I told my nurse I wanted a grilled chicken caesar salad when labor and delivery was done. Once again, she laughed.

An hour passed and my doctor came in to check me. I had moved up to 4 cm dilated.

Then 8 10 cm...all in less than four hours. It was time to push!

In the delivery room with me were Ian (obviously), my mother, Ian's sister (Kinsey) and my cousin/sister/Liam's godmother (Tamara). I was allowed to have a total of five people. It would have included Kaden, but he insisted on attending grandparents day that morning. I wanted him to do what he wanted. Life did not have to change for him.

Suddenly, nurses and my doctor began to buzz around the room in preparation for my delivery. As it turns out, the baby's head was down and I was ready to push. I was so relaxed, I had no idea that I had come so far along in the process. Everything was happening so quickly.

After two pushes, Liam Brooks Harvey was born at 10:57 AM, weighing 5 lbs. 4 oz. and 17 3/4 inches long. He was so perfect. I cried, ironically, like a baby.

I couldn't have asked for an easier labor or delivery. I'm still in shock that it was so effortless. It makes all the difficulties I had to go through at the end of my pregnancy all worth it.

Once delivery was done with, it was time to move on to reality. For one, your vagina takes a big hit. I mean, a human comes out of it for crying out loud. There is a lot of bleeding, cramping and pain. But nothing that the joy of a new baby can't take your mind off.

An hour later, my family and I were moved to the floor above for recovery.

Ian and me with Kaden in 2001:

Big brother Kaden joined all the excitement once he returned from school.

I was amazed at how well he took to Liam. Being the only child for eleven years gives you a "king complex". You have been the ruler of the castle for so long and suddenly someone else is coming for your crown. Not the case at all for us. Kaden loves his little brother. He kisses him all the time. It's so sweet. I tear up every time I witness a moment between the two.

Liam wasted no time getting acquainted with is new life. He was very alert for a newborn. He also did not hesitate to start his feedings. We are breastfeeding. The process did not go as smoothly as I hoped. My lady parts did not want to cooperate. I did managed to feed him though, with the help of a nipple shield. I stuck with it and today I am happy to report that we have an ample supply of milk.

There was a lot to be done at the hospital before we left. Paperwork. Shots. Circumcision. Car seat checks. Lactation consultation. Vitals. Food. Visitors (Thanks to Godmother Tamara, Kinsey, Ma, Poppy, my Mom, Uncle Fred, Aunt Justine, Kristin, Victoria, Saniyah, Godfather Vic, Uncle Maurice, Ms. Gladys, my father, K.O. Aunt Therla, Aunt Nisey, Tolya, Yolanda, Matt and April)

And then it was time to go home. I wanted out of the hospital as fast I could. It's just not the place to be if you want to bond with your new family and actually get some rest.

Liam wore the outfit Kaden wore home from the hospital eleven years ago. It fit him the same way it fit Kaden.

I would be telling a lie if I said that my pregnancy was difficult. Even with the rocky ending, being induced and slight frustration with some of the hospital staff, I could not have written a better story.

One week later, my family is complete. There is an immense amount of love circulating through the air. Everyone is on cloud nine. It makes you love even more, hug a little harder and cherish every day.

I could not be more blessed.

Thank you, God. You've outdone yourself greatly. I could never repay you.

Psalm 127:3
Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.

(read part one)

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