The 2013 White House Easter Egg Roll Lottery is Open

Be sure you sign up for the 2013 White House Easter Egg Roll lottery. It opened today at 10 AM and closes on February 25, 2013 at 10 AM.

Here is the link to get started: White House Easter Egg Roll Lottery Application.

You'll have to visit the website to get started. It's a fairly simple process. Once you create an account, you will be asked a few questions.

You'll need to pick how many people will be in attendance. You have to have at least one child. I mean, that's who it's really for, right?! Pick a time slot that works for you, or be strategic and select a less popular one to increase your chances.

I would say the less people attending in your party, the better. I was lucky one year to get six tickets. No clue how that happened, but I was able to take 4 children and 2 adults (including myself).

Warning: It can be hectic. There are lines to stand in. Lots of crowds. But in the end, the memories are priceless.

Here is our day from April 13, 2009:

A big crowd gathers on the lawn in front of the White House
Lovely waterfall and garden on the White House lawn
Posing with then Washington Redskins players
The First Lady's garden
Catching the Metro into D.C.
The First Lady's garden
Enjoying the views from the Metro train
Lots of walking around the city
Riding Metro
At the front gate with the children
The children posing on the White House lawn
Me and the Washington Monument
Sasha and Malia's playground being guarded by a secret service agent
Promoting health on the lawn with some yoga
Waiting to catch the Metro

Good luck!

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