Super Bowl Sunday. Purple Reigns with a Ravens Win.

Yesterday's Super Bowl XLVII with the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49er was a complete nail biter. Not that I have any nails to bite, but my fingers did spend a great deal of time in my mouth as I watched  the game take a turn right after halftime.

Assuming not everyone watched the "big game", let me just clue you in on what happened.

First, Beyonce performed at halftime. I could end that statement right there. We all know she is a great performer without beating a dead horse about her lip-syncing fiasco at the Presidential inauguration a couple of weeks ago. Mrs. Carter even reunited with her Destiny's Child partners to sing a few of their greatest hits like, "Independent Women". I loved it! And Beyonce's body looks absolutely amazing. That didn't stop me from staying away from the chips and dip.

Then, the lights went out. Dun, dun, duuunnn! Half of the dome glowed as the other side experienced a blackout. For thirty-four long minutes, the teams and fans waited in anticipation under a dimly-lit stadium. Viewers at home probably indulged in more drinks, food and conversation.

It was a bit nerve-wrecking. I know if I was one of the players, that definitely would have thrown a curve ball into my momentum. And it looks like it may have, considering the Ravens ended the first half of the Super Bowl beating the 49ers with a 21-6 lead. Once the lights were restored, the 49ers kicked it into overdrive and outscored the Ravens 23-3 in the second half.

After a few bad calls from the referee (like the delay of game by the 49ers, with an attempt to save the team with a late time-out call from the coach), the Ravens' defense was able to hold onto the lead and end the game with 34-31.

What. A. Game.

I did a happy dance in my best Baltimore house-it-up style.

Did I mention all of this happened in the comfort of family and lots of great food?

It was the perfect was to start the week. I'm sure Baltimore and Maryland will be on a purple high for the weeks to come.

Way to go, Ravens! Congratulations.

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