Celebrating Kaden's Birthday at Red Lobster Restaurants with a New Look, New Menu

Kaden loves to eat.

As he always says, "It's not my fault I'm a growing boy!"
Is he ever right about that?!

Most days after school, Kaden wants an entire meal. No snacks. No quick bite to eat. He wants something of substance to get him to the next meal.

I tried introducing vitamins to his daily routine, hoping they would somehow curb his appetite. I didn't notice any change. 

I joke with him a lot about his eating habits, but the truth is, I love that he likes to eat. He has a great love for a variety of foods. One of his favorites is seafood. So, when his 11th birthday came around, he was eager to dine at Red Lobster in Annapolis, MD.

Kaden said this was his first time eating at Red Lobster. However, he was too young to remember that we had eaten here before, perhaps on several occasions. It had been awhile since I had visited Red Lobster. I would frequent the restaurant for dinner dates with Ian or a girls night out to catch up on the latest. The atmosphere is laid-back and inviting. The prices are affordable too. This is probably why I chose to dine here on so many occasions.

Did you know?
Red Lobster has been redesigned. The new design is inspired by the New England coast and provides a feeling of dining by the seaside:
  • New exterior features include a stone tower similar to architecture used throughout New England, ship lanterns to welcome guests after dark, and Adirondack-style chairs to encourage conversation and mingling.
  • Interiors now feature expanded seating for large parties and energy-saving upgrades such as LED lighting, creating an inviting atmosphere for guests to enjoy great-tasting seafood.

All 700-plus Red Lobster Restaurants across North America are now offering a new menu, marking the most comprehensive menu transformation in the brand’s 44-year history:
  • Everyday Affordability: 60 percent of the dishes on the new menu are under $15; 15 new dishes under $15 are called Maine Stays and are available every day; 4-Course Feast has been added to the menu permanently.
  • More Than Just Seafood: We’ve added 28 great-tasting, non-seafood dishes – A 200 percent increase from what was previously offered for non-seafood choices.
  • Choice and Variety: New lighter-style options and fish and shrimp entrées among long-time guest favorites

Kaden went big for his birthday and ordered the Ultimate Feast. If you have never tried this before, it comes with "a tender split Maine lobster tail, steamed North American snow crab legs, garlic shrimp scampi and Walt's Favorite Shrimp." 

Ian's mother said that around the age of ten, Ian wanted lobster for his birthday too. I guess Kaden is keeping up with his Dad's traditions...and appetite. He ate every bit of his meal.

No one had room for dessert. We ordered 3 entrees, Ian had an alcoholic beverage (none for this pregnant mama), I ordered a smoothie and the rest is history.

Thanks to Red Lobster, we were able to cut the cost on our bill with a gift card. 

I'm pretty sure we'll visit Red Lobster again. With the new menu prices, it's hard not to find something tasty and affordable for the entire family.
Overall, Kaden had a great time dining with his family. Let's see what fancy food he wants to try out next year.

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Disclosure Information
I was provided a gift card to dine at Red Lobster (some of the meal was paid by us). The opinions and views are my own.  
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