My Style Genie Grants All Your Closet Wishes

I dream of genie. My Style Genie to be exact. My wish to become more organized, and to seek out fashion inspiration, has just been granted. And I did not have to rub a bottle to make a magic spirit appear or cue Christina Aguilera's "Genie in Bottle" song (now that's stuck in my head). I accomplished it all by sitting in front of the computer, in my sweats, without breaking a sweat.

Have you ever wanted to live like a celebrity and have your stylist dress you? Just a simple assessment of your style, then magically you would have a creation of outfits to suit your needs. You could even work with what you already own and combine pieces from your existing wardrobe to invent new looks.

While this may all sound too good to be true – it's not! My Style Genie does just that...virtually.

In three simple steps, you could be on your way to fashion and styling bliss. 

Personally, I hate filling out information when I first use a site. I like to dive right in. It's kind of like getting a new gadget for Christmas and never taking the time to read over the manual. You just want to get to all the fun.

In the case of MSG, you'll want to stick it out and enter all of your information in the beginning. It will help narrow down your outfit inspirations and personal picks. There are only two simple steps and you can always update your profile. Ladies, we all know how quickly our fashion tastes change. Thank goodness for edits.

Next, I added articles of clothing that I have in my wardrobe and that were similar to clothing I already own. I wish there was an option to take a photo of your items to maybe add a more realistic approach to putting together outfits (update: there is an option).

Then, I took the articles I had in my wardrobe and created an outfit to wear. It was extremely easy. All I did was drag the items to the outfit canvas and placed it on the corresponding square.Simple enough, right?!

If you don't have the patience or absolutely anything in your closet, you can always shop the boutique for retail items.

For fun, I chose a Rebecca Minkoff silk jacket. I then asked My Style Genie to suggest an outfit created around this jacket, using items from my wardrobe.

This was the outcome:

I thought it was hilarious that all of the items chosen were black. It just confirms that I own way too much of it in my wardrobe. Oh well. What's a girl to do? At least I have this splash of color from the jacket.

Which brings me to the next thing. I was able to add a name to this outfit.

It makes it so much easier when you can put a face to a name, or an outfit to a name in this case. I know exactly what this looks like in my head.

I even saved the outfit and made a note on it. For example, if I wanted to wear this on my birthday, I would choose the date of 2/8. I labeled it as a "Night Out" and added a note that it was for my birthday. I then added it to the Weekly Planner shelf so that it would be there for me when I visit next week's schedule. Talk about awesome!

And get this – the date will help you remember when you wore the outfit so you don't have to constantly repeat the same thing over and over again. Who does that?! (Me...obviously)

There are just too many features on My Style Genie to share with you on this post. In fact, I'm still messing around on the site myself. I will say that I feature I love the most are the SHELVES.

The shelves include headings such as Favorites, Cleaners, Donate and more. The donate shelf definitely caught my eye because I am always sending clothing to the consignment of thrift shop. I could keep track of my items here without letting my piles grow too big at home.

I'm quite sure I could go on and on about this site. And I'll probably have more to say once I get the chance to indulge in all of My Style Genie's features. But until then, why don't you give it a shot?

Because the site is still in beta, you'll need an invite in order to capture the full experience. I may know someone who can help you with that. {Insert long pause......} Okay. Enough waiting. Click here to access the website and get started. Your invitation code is - MSGVIPKeonte.

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