Making a Bedroom Personal with Anna's Linens

I spend a lot of time watching and seeking inspiration on HGTV, but I'm not interior decorator. I could care less if my pillowcases match, my curtains are the correct length or my area rug is the right shade of chartreuse. I have great ideas though. They just don't always come to fruition.

Let's face it – I suck!

With baby on the way, I have been gathering lots of bedding and other items to compliment a safari/jungle theme nursery. I think I may have gone overboard, but that's a whole other post. I figured I would give Kaden's room a bit of a pick-me-up to help include him in all the changes that are going to take place soon.

Kaden's bed before
Let me just say this: Kaden has no rhyme or reason when it comes to his room. He has a lot of simple IKEA furniture (I love his Mandal bed) splattered here and there. No real color scheme or theme. Just a place to rest his head. He barely has time to enjoy it because we are constantly on the move with school and other activities. But that doesn't mean he doesn't need a space to call his own.

I visited Anna's Linens in Largo, MD. It was my first time visiting the store. I had no idea it was even in the shopping center.
From their website:

It's Headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, Anna's Linens is the 14th largest retailer of home textiles and home decor items. The company was founded in 1987 by its current chairman and CEO, Alan Gladstone, and named after Alan's mother, Anna. A family-run business with more than 2,800 employees, Anna's currently operates more than 300 stores throughout Alabama, Arizona, California, D.C., Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Lousiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin and Puerto Rico.

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction on everything we sell. Just the way Mom would have wanted it.
I was sent a $50 gift card to shop at the store. I knew immediately I wanted to get Kaden a new comforter set for his bed.

This set was sold out online, but it was only available for Twin and Full. I needed Queen.
Before I headed to the store, I looked on the website ( to see what they had to offer. For the most part, I was impressed. The prices seem to be affordable and there was a great selection. I even signed up for their e-mails, which immediately sent me great deals to my inbox.

I was a bit disappointed when I visited the store and a lot of the items I wanted were not available. I guess each store has it's own inventory. The selection for masculine comforter sets was slim. There was a lot of animal print and flowers. I surely could not get this for Kaden. It also didn't help that I was shopping for a queen-sized bed. Leaving up to Kaden to think he's a big boy with his big bed.

I spent nearly two hours in the store. After browsing nearly every aisle twice, I was able to pick out a few items to spruce up my son's room. Here is what I chose:

  • A Queen comforter: Sale $14.99 ($19.99)
  • An area rug: Sale $14.99 ($19.99)
  • A Queen microfiber sheet set: Sale $16.99 ($24.99)
My total: $49.79...with $.21 to spare.

I even signed up for Anna's Linens Fan of Anna's card:

I will say that the associates were very pleasant. I was greeted immediately when I walked in the door and was asked if I wanted to see the advertisements for that week. Whenever I had a question or approached the register, the associate was always attentive and available.

The store was also very neat. Nothing was out of place. I found it very easy to maneuver through the aisles, except for a few pillow boxes that were in the way.

Two points of advice:
  • Read the sale signs carefully. Make sure you are choosing the item that is describe. Be mindful of the sizes. Usually the prices for the smaller sizes are shown.
  • Look up. I found there were additional bedding sets up higher on the shelves. I almost missed them.
Although I did not find what I set out to purchase, I did not leave the store empty-handed.

Kaden's bed BEFORE:

Kaden's bed AFTER:

***IKEA Mandal Bed with bedding from Anna's Linens

I know it's a long way from HGTV quality, but it did give the room a little spark. We'll add more to it as the weeks progress. So far, I think he likes the new look. (remember to wash your bedding before using it.)

Need some inspiration? Check out and follw Anna's Linens boards on Pinterest.

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I was provided a gift card to shop at Anna's Linens. The opinions and views are my own.  
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