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Black women and hair. It's one of the most daunting equations there is to solve. You never know just how much to add, or take away.

Short or long?
Curly or straight?
Relaxed or natural?
Bangs or a swoop?
Wig or tracks?
Up do or down?
Braids or twists?

I could literally go on for days! And I could probably show you a picture of myself sporting all of the above over the course of my thirty two years on Earth. That's just how important hair was, and still is, in my life.

I walked into the Dunkirk, MD Hair Cuttery as clueless as one could be. I had read a few of their tweets on Twitter (@haircuttery) and read reviews to see what the clients had to say about them. I even found the Facebook page for my local Hair Cuttery (the main page for Hair Cuttery can be found here).  Although I've gone through tons of hairstyles these last decades, I can count the number of times I've been to a professional salon on my hands. I've been blessed to have talented women in my family who are equipped to manage hair and I'm not too afraid to throw on a wig when I don't want to be bothered with it at all.

Options are a beautiful thing.

Before I visited the store, I checked out the Hair Cuttery website to find the nearest location to best fit my needs. I then asked if there was a stylist who could managed non-relaxed and ethnic hair. It was recommended I see Terissa.

Before I arrived, my hair looked like this (please excuse the pregnancy face, acne, etc.):

As you can see, my hair is quite matted. I have not had a perm in...uhhhh...well...I'm not sure. It's been awhile!

Not every stylist at the Hair Cuttery takes appointments, but walk-ins are welcome. I had one other person in front of me waiting for Terissa, so I sat patiently waited until they were finished.

Kaden was a good sport and came along with me. He kind of had no choice. He also knew that I rarely ever, EVER do anything for myself, so he did not complain one bit. I really appreciated his patience. Thank goodness he had his iPad with him. 

While waiting, I noticed a few things about the salon.
  • The staff was super friendly. In fact, I was greeted as soon as I entered the door and was assisted immediately. Everyone had a smile on their face and they seem to enjoy each other's company. 
  • It was clean. Of course there was hair on the floor, but I noticed a sweeper was constantly attacking a pile of hair as it grew at each station. There was also someone constantly washing towels, too.
  • Business was booming. I'm not sure what a typical day is like at the Hair Cuttery, but there was a continuous flow of people – young, old, male, female, black, white – the diversity was great.
  • The services. If you thought Hair Cuttery was just for cuts, think again. They're a full-service, value-priced salon offering a full complement of premium cut, styling, coloring, waxing and texturizing services. In fact, I'm going back to get my eyebrows waxed and a Keratin treatment. 
Finally, things started to roll. I had my hair washed (which always feels amazing to have someone else do). Then, I sat under the dryer.

Once I came from under the dryer, my hair was rinsed and the process began. I did not know what to expect. There was only so much I could have done being 8+ months pregnant. I could not get my hair relaxed (which I won't ever be doing again). I could not get any color (which I will be doing eventually). I just went for the basic shampoo, cut, blow-dry and flat ironing.

I told Terissa from the beginning that I had not emotional attachment to my hair. I did not care how much she cut/trimmed, whatever. The site of scissors did not scare me one bit. She begin to cut away. I did not realize how much length I actually had once she straightened my hair. I think she cut off close to three inches. I so needed that.

The process from start to finish took a couple of hours. I hardly noticed the time because we had such great conversation. That is one of the best parts about the hair salon, isn't it? I was happy to hear that we enjoy some of the same things, especially food. Terissa even gave me a few recommendations on where to eat. That alone made this pregnant mama happy.

After all was said and done, I looked like a million bucks, but did not spend nearly as much. My final cost was $57.

I had a belt on, but my breasts and belly swallowed it. LOL
My stylist, Terissa (L,) and Me (R)
When everything was done, I felt amazing. My head felt lighter. My face lit up. I just liked being pampered for the day.

As fate would have it, it was pouring rain just as we were about to leave. Remember how I said black women and their hair is a serious thing? Well, this is one of those moments where we do. Not. Play! I put on a shower cap to shield my hair from the elements. I did not want all of Terissa's hard work going to waste. There was no shame in my game!

Of course there is the whole maintenance issue after you get your hair done. I like the no-fuss approach. I'll probably just wrap my hair and tie it up at night. However, being that it is non-relaxed, I'll have to be very consistent with this process.

Before today's visit, I had no idea Hair Cuttery would be a place for me. I always see them when I'm driving along. With nearly 900 locations on the East Coast and throughout the Midwest, it's very convenient to stop by a few locations near my home.

I want to thank One2One Network for giving me the opportunity to experience the Hair Cuttery. They provided me with a gift card to cover my expenses for the day. Now you can email the gift of a great look through virtual Hair Cuttery gift cards. It’s perfect for any occasion and arrives instantly! Treat someone special to some pampering for that special day. 

Also, through March 4, Hair Cuttery is also offering discounted color packages and 40% off professional shampoo and conditioning liters.

A big "thank you" goes out to the Dunkirk Hair Cuttery for their wonderful customer service. I felt like an individual during my visit there. I love how the staff accommodated everyone. They even complimented me on how good of a boy Kaden is ( I alread knew this though). If you are in the area, I would recommend you stop by to receive services from this location. 

Right now, I want you to get a chance to experience Hair Cuttery. Enter my giveaway below.

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