Get Ready for the Hospital with a Mommy/Delivery BFFLBag®

If it's good enough for Kim Kardashian, it has to be good enough for me. Right?!

Recently, OK! Magazine said the Mommy/Delivery BFFLBag® is “best gift ever for pregnant moms.” They also suggested that moms-to-be Kim Kardashian and Malin Ackerman invest in one of these bags for the delivery room. I would say that is a pretty awesome endorsement.

Eleven years ago, I was admitted to the hospital four weeks earlier than expected. I was young and unprepared. I literally had nothing but the clothes on my back when I checked into labor & delivery. I did not have my hospital bag packed. Everything happened so quickly.

This time around, I am going to be prepared. Thanks to Elizabeth Chabner Thompson, co-founder of BFFL Co., I was sent a Mommy/Delivery BFFLBag® to review...and help me prepare for my delivery this time around.

**I forgot to include the berryplus 2 loads laundry soap in the video.
New York-based BFFL Co. (which means “Best Friends for Life”) took its expertise in creating patient recovery kits and developed the ultimate hospital bag for expectant mothers, the Mommy/Delivery BFFLBag.

The Mommy/Delivery BFFLBag®, which makes the perfect baby shower gift, contains everything an expectant mother will need for her hospital stay, taking the guesswork out of packing.

The bag itself, a beautiful, multicolor striped duffel bag (which makes it perfect for post-recovery trips to the gym or the beach), comes loaded with essentials for labor and delivery, including:
  • Toiletries to look and feel fresh before and after labor
  • earplugs for a quick cat nap
  • amusements to keep you occupied while waiting
  • note pad to jot down baby names and your to-do list
  • note cards to say thank you
  • flip flops for that wonderful first shower
  • cozy socks and pashmina so you can stay warm and look elegant
  • a nursing/comfort pillow so you can find a good position
  • ice packs for “down there” or your breasts
  • wound care supplies, maxi pads, and ice packs
  • skin care sampler, so you can maintain that glow
  • more
Everyone is going consider packing different items in their bag. You will possible add or subtract, depending on your needs. I would add additional items like chargers for your electronics, batteries, a camera, change for the vending machines, and make-up to my bag. As mentioned in the video, a coming home outfit for mom and baby are key items as well.

This perfect gift – for your best friend, sister, or yourself! - can be purchased at Use code FRIENDOFMOMMY2K and save 10% on all purchases on their site. Check out the DrE's creme– a favorite of many moms and fantastic for dry winter skin and amazing for stretch marks.

It looks like I'll be ahead of the game this time. And I owe it all to my best friend for life.

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