Now What?!

I totally get it now.
The boredom.
The waiting.
The impatience.

The whole last trimester of pregnancy should be wrapped in a piece of caution tape.

I had the nerve to tell someone to "be patient" when they complained of their pregnancy woes. Boy do I need to take my own advice.

While I'm not counting down every second that passes in the day, I will say that it feels like time is standing still. You wouldn't guess it was standing still based on the enormous "to-do" list I have waiting for me. It's the whole so-close-yet-so-far mentality that causes me to procrastinate.

I'll get to "it" when I get to "it". Take that!

In the meantime, I have just been posing for pictures to document this pregnancy. I guess I'm making up for my last pregnancy with Kaden. I have a total of one shot of my pregnant self...with one colored contact in.

Times have really changed.

Here are a few shots that professional photographer, Kaden Harvey, took. By the way, he's my eleven year old son. He is really getting the hang of this whole picture-taking thing.

Expect me to look like this for the next few weeks – CONFUSED!!

  •  Old Navy maternity tunic.  
  • The Limited faux leather tie belt. 
  • Vintage brooch. 
  • Old Navy maternity leggings.  
  • Kmart Fashion Route 66 boots. 
  • Old Navy denim jacket.

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