My Frugal Fisher Price Find

 "Three dollars."

Those were the words I heard come from the store worker's mouth. Her lips appeared to be moving in slow motion. I could hardly believe what my ears had just heard.

As I examined the item that had been lying on the ground, against the brick building, I knew that this was a deal I just could not pass up.

It almost didn't happen. I was heading to the car before something told me to make one more round at my favorite local thrift shop.

Boy am I glad I did!

I explained to the worker how I did not want to spend too much on an item that I was not sure would work once I arrived at home. It was in pieces, but in great condition. There was normal wear from handling, but there were no stains or broken parts that I could find.

I decided that I would be a fool to let this item stay at the store. The four size D batteries inside were worth more than three dollars.

So here it is. The Ocean Wonders™ Cradle ’n Swing by Fisher Price.

It retails for $150 on their site, but a few other sites have it for cheaper. None less than $100 though.

Now do you understand my excitement? I stumbled upon this treasure, just as I was about to leave. It was most likely meant to be.

I've read a few negative reviews about the quality of this item. You get those with most baby items though – some people love them, others don't.

I will say that for $3, there is not a lot I can complain about.

Of course I'll have to wipe it down, disinfect and wash all of the pieces. I'll probably replace the toy on the tray with something new.

At this rate, I'm going to purchase all my own baby registry items. 

For now, I'll continure to see what other pots of gold await me at the thrift store.

Have you found something at a yard sale, consignment shop or thrift store that was just too good to be true? Share in the comments below. 

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