Kaden for Mayor!!

Politics. I can't stand them. Unless, of course, the candidate just happens to be my son. Then it's game on!

Kaden and the fifth grade class are heading to a field trip next month (one that he denied me from chaperoning because I'll be, according to him, waddling by then). There are several positions that the students can apply to. He chose mayor.

With the help of his friend and campaign manager, Ryan, Kaden is running against twenty other candidates. I could hear them organizing and planning (with brief intermissions for games on their iPad and iPod) over FaceTime. They both wrote a speech and read it to one another. I was so proud of Kaden's speech. He is a great writer and funny. Great combination.

The only part I did not like was the self-doubt.

Kaden: "It's like all girls I'm running against, Mom. I know I'm not going to win!"

Me: "That attitude sucks. You are giving up before you even tried."

Kaden: "We'll see. If I don't get mayor, I'll try something else."

Me: "That's better!"

I love the fact that he knows that women are great competition. Smart kid!

Last night, while most children were in bed asleep, Kaden asked me to take pictures for his campaign poster. There was no convincing needed. We got right to it.

I must say, he seems to have a hold on this whole be charming thing.

While this is all for fun, I can't help but think what it would be like if Kaden ever decided to run for a political position. It's a very crazy world.

I would go into full Mama Bear mode the minute the National Enquirer tried to print something nasty about my baby.

For now, wish Kaden luck.

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