Basketball & Baby Registries

This pretty much describes the range of motherhood that I face – an eleven year old and a not-even-born-yet.

Life is going to be pretty interesting.

Kaden had a basketball game today. After a holiday break, he resumed practice on Thursday and Friday. Although I was extremely hungry at yesterday's practice (and made sure everyone knew it), I am glad the team met. They played an excellent game today.

Warning: Proud Mom alert ahead!!

Today's game was important. Kaden and his team played against another undefeated team. They were both 3-0.

Kaden's team won. Great job.

He was exceptional today.
Thirteen points. Eighteen rebounds. Two assists. Three steals. One foul.

Add that all up and you get...AWESOME!!

After the game, I forced convinced Ian and Kaden to hit Baby Depot and Babies 'R' Us to register items for the baby shower. They may not want to admit it, but I think they had fun.

At least at the first store.

I'm not sure if we registered "correctly". It's hard to make rational decisions when you're surrounded by so many adorable items. I would have probably stayed for hours if I was alone. But, as always, I was outnumbered by the boys.

I have decided to register at three stores. It sounds like a lot, but it really is not.
I took into consideration location, preference and prices.
I wanted to give my shower guests an option.
Let's just hope they actually follow it.

Lord knows I do not need ANY clothing as a shower gift.
But I won't be picky. I appreciate whatever gifts I receive.
Thank you all in advance.

Currently, I am registered at Baby Depot: and Babies 'R' Us:

I'm going to Target this week as well.

I'm sure my list will change during these next few months. A lot of items are not necessary. I just get so excited when I'm in the store. Who doesn't?! 

Today was a good day.

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