FALL in Love with Old Navy Dresses #crowdtapper

"I like being a woman, even in a man's world. After all, men can't wear dresses, but we can wear the pants." ~Whitney Houston


What more is there to say?
A lot.
I love them.
They are simple to wear.
You can add just about anything to them – jewelry, a scarf, boots, yourself.

When I was chosen to shop for a dress at Old Navy as a member of the Old Navy Style Council, I was beyond thrilled. After all, I would be in my element (shopping) and I would be getting a bargain (free). This is a girl's dream.

I visited my first Old Navy store last week. I had a few minutes to spare, so I decided to browse their selection of dresses to get an idea of what I would to purchase. There were various styles to choose from – belted, maxi, sweater, fit & flared, colored, striped. The choices were endless.

I settled on three dresses. The first was an orange, cowl-neck sweater dress. The second was a hot pink crepe shift dress. The third was a gray/neon yellow v-neck striped dress. I headed to the fitting room to discover my fate.

I should mention that I do not have a normal waistline at the moment. My "precious cargo" forced me to go a size up while shopping for a dress. I was delighted to see that the dresses accommodated my expanding waistline and still maintain a stylish look and feel.

I posted the picture to my Instagram (http://instagram.com/keonte) to poll my friends and followers. Their opinions were mixed. There was a like for each dress. I just could not decide. 

Just yesterday, I headed to another Old Navy to see if their selection was any different. It was pretty much the same as the first store I visited. Except this time I brought along my cousin to go shopping with me. I normally have a larger group, but this sample share from Old Navy and Crowdtap only allowed one additional coupon for a friend. {check out other shops at Old Navy here, here, here, here, and here}

As you can see, I love Old Navy!

It's great to walk into your local store and the staff remembers you. The manager at the Annapolis location is always so welcoming and inviting when we stop in to shop. We spend a great amount of time picking our selections and trying on clothes. Yesterday was no different.

After browsing the racks, I decided upon a few items to try on. Here is the first outfit I chose. It was my take on a feminine lumberjack. I chose the v-neck sweater dress, with a plaid shirt, a scarf and a pair of boots. 

This is the Old Navy version:

Old Navy V-Neck Sweater Dress #crowdtap

Old navy

Old Navy plaid shirt

Old Navy faux suede boots

This is my version:

The second dress I chose was a popular one. In both stores, the selection was slim. I knew that if I wanted to get it, I better try it on and see if it was meant to be. The dress I chose was the belted 3/4 sleeve dress in black and white stripes, paired with a pair of motorcycle-inspired black boots.

This is the Old Navy version {pictures not available in my color choices}:

Old Navy Belted Dress

Old Navy striped dress

Old Navy tall boots

Old navy scarve

This is my version:

I decided to go with the black and white dress. For one, it's classic. I can add so much color to it. It also has a lot of stretch. This makes any woman happy. The belt is a bit too small for me, but I can easily change it. I like the length of the hem and the sleeves. Overall, it's the perfect dress for me.

My cousin decided to choose the dress that I previously tried on. I liked it much better on her. She even had a great pair of Old Navy boots from years ago that she wore to the store that day.

While the whole yay-I-get-a-free-item aspect is great, I never stopped to realize just how much fun I have spending time with my family while shopping. I can't tell you how much we caught up on while we shopping for a dress. We laughed...a lot. It was therapeutic.

I am always grateful at the opportunities that I am given as a blogger. No matter how big or small, if it fits my life somehow, I'm going to share the experience with my readers. Shopping at Old Navy has been something I have done for years. And I'm pretty sure that is not going to change any time soon.

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I was provided two coupons (one for me, one for a friend) to shop for a dress at Old Navy thanks to Old Navy and Crowdtap. The opinions and views are my own.  
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