Have a Walmart Mishap-Free Thanksgiving and $50 Walmart Gift Card Giveaway ~CLOSED

If you can't take the heat, then stay out of the kitchen...and so I do. I enjoy my role as a spectator when it comes to preparing delicious recipes. Consider it: learning from the greats.

Now that November is here, all I can think about is Thanksgiving.

The food.
Collard greens, one of many dishes at Thanksgiving
The food.
The food. 

I admire all the wonderful cooks in my family who not only insist on cooking, but do it very well. I normally volunteer to bring paper products, drinks or anything that will not cause a bunch of Thanksgiving Mishaps

Have you ever seen that episode of Martin titled, "Thanks for Nothing"? It is one of my favorites due largely in part to the Thanksgiving mishap during the show.

Tisha Campbell's character, Gina, was responsible for preparing Thanksgiving dinner for her family and her in-laws. As if that was not enough pressure, she had never cooked a turkey before. Gina was thrilled to take on this task and proved to her loved ones that she was worthy of hosting Thanksgiving dinner. However, things took a turn for the worse as the family gathered around the turkey and Gina's dad began to cut into what appeared to be a delicious bird.

Here is what it looked like:

photo screenshot courtesy of Martin on the Fox Network
I know it seems a bit ridiculous that anyone could prepare a turkey that is filled with more disappointment than stuffing, but it does happen. Thank goodness Chef Richard Ingraham is working with Walmart to help you (hopefully) avoid a moment of embarrassment such as the one mentioned above.

Chef Richard will even take on some of your questions on the ThanksgivingMishaps.com website, so be sure to check in often. You can  follow him on Twitter at @Chefrli.

My best piece of advice to you concerning the preparation of food for Thanksgiving, or any celebration for that matter, is to ask for help. It's nice to do it all, but do not be afraid to use a helping hand. No one likes to be stressed around the holidays and no one want to eat burned turkey. Take a load off and avoid a Thanksgiving mishap.

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Walmart provided me with a gift card and the giveaway, but the thoughts and tips shared in this post are my own. 
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