Wordful Wednesday ~ President Obama

This is my son's second time attending an election with me.
It's apparent that the only method of arithmetic that this country continues to utilize is division. That is where we stand, again, after last night's presidential election results.

If you have been sleeping under a rock, another "rock" won the election for a second term– President Barack Obama.

The reactions and emotions were mixed on social networking.
Some remarks were downright hateful.
Others were optimistic.
A lot were celebratory.

I did not expect anything less, but I was hoping for more.

A Maryland polling place with local signs
I was hoping that we had shed our unproductive commentary from the last four years and turned it into a string of hope. After all, the candidate who takes over office will be faced with the same problems, no matter if you "yay" or "nay".

It takes a group effort, just like a school project.
Even if you do not like the members in your group or their ideas, you will all get the same grade. So, it's best to contribute your ideas (VOTE) instead of your ignorance (hateful comments).

For those of you who want to skim over the issue of race and the election, that is your right. However, we all know that the amount of disdain for this MIXED president is elevated by the fact that his skin color is brown.

It is sickening.

Do not ask me if I voted for my party because the candidate is black. To that I ask, "Did you NOT vote for him because he is black?"

My son wore this t-shirt to bed last night.
We choose the person who best fits our beliefs, our goals and who is interested in the good of ALL people. One that gives our future a chance. One that leaves our children feeling like they too can conquer the world...and do a happy dance while doing it.

I do not choose my friends or the people I associate with based on their political beliefs. I foster those relationships based on the amount of dignity and respect they demonstrate in times of opposition.

If Mitt Romney was deemed fit to serve as President of the United States, the American people would have voted him into office. One group alone is not powerful enough to achieve this. The blacks (or browns) did not all vote for President Obama either. Each person that filled out a ballot chose the candidate that was right for them.

...and the results are in (well, almost all of them).

The President of the United States of America is Barack Obama.

Check out our video from 2004

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