MOBY Wrap: The Comfortable Baby Carrier Review plus Giveaway ~ CLOSED

I remember vividly pulling Kaden out from "down there" and placing him on my chest immediately after he was born. It was the only natural thing to do. The process of giving birth has an amazing way of making one forget about the outside world. No one cares about the blood, the fluids or the exposure. It's about the intimacy. The bond. The connection. For that special moment, it's just {MOther + baBY}. And that is where the MOBY Wrap comes into play.
Kaden and Me experiencing skin-to-skin

Co-Founder and President of Moby Wrap Inc., Gillian, said she created the Moby Wrap "for the feeling of closeness and connection between mother and baby {MOther + baBY}". When her son Nathan was born, she wanted to continue to work and have a product that would allow him to be with her.

The way the Moby wrap works is along the lines of the way you would naturally carry your baby. It is NOT meant to replace using your hands, but instead create a bit more freedom and flexibility by added increased support, snugness and alignment for baby.

I was curious to see just how this product worked, so Moby Wrap sent me over one of their original wraps in chocolate to test out.

Here is my video demonstrating how to use the Moby Wrap:
{turn up the volume...the video recorded low}

I will admit that it was a bit intimidating pulling out the Moby Wrap for the first time. It was feet after feet of material. My initial thought was a little chuckle. Surely a piece of fabric would not make a great baby carrier. I mean, I could just take a sheet and do the same.

Not so much!

I quickly learned that there was a method to all of this material madness. Using the instructional booklet that came with the Moby Wrap, I discovered the correct way to use this baby carrier, as well as several options and positions for the baby's comfort. This is no ordinary piece of fabric.

Here are some of the features of a Moby Wrap:

photo courtesy of

The particular wrap that I am reviewing in the video is a Moby Wrap Originals.
  • Currently retails for $47.95
  • 100% Natural Cotton
  • Ideal one-way stretch
  • 5.5 meters in length
  • Machine washable 
  • Chocolate 
  • Comfort and safety for babies up to 35 lbs
  • Ergonomic support for baby and wearer
  • One-size simplicity - ideal for sharing & gift-giving
This is definitely a product that you want to add to your baby registry. Already two of my friends who have recently given birth told me that they have a Moby Wrap. It is one of those items that you are sure to use. And if you have no use for this Moby Wrap, why not give one to a friend as a baby shower gift?!

I can help you with that...

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I was provided a Moby Wrap baby carrier to facilitate my review.  The opinions and views are my own. 
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