My Journey To Maternity {Fashion}...and Beyond!

Getting dressed has become a chore. A chore that involves a lot of heavy breathing, perspiring and frequent breaks.

I should probably suck it up. Right?!

While I can still see my feet just fine, I am often finding ways to keep off of them. And if I have to stand, I try to do it with the most comfortable shoes possible — flats, wedges...slippers.

My style has not changed much now that I am pregnant. I still wear most of the same items that I wore before. I even do the occasional use-a-rubberband-on-the-button trick to incorporate my ill-fitting pair of favorite jeans into my maternity wardrobe.

I do have a few key maternity pieces though. I have a great pair of Seven for All Mankind jeans that will probably be worn out by the time this whole journey is complete. I also have a great deal of Liz Lange Maternity pieces from Target. If you know me, you remember my obsession with this line even when I was not pregnant. I also have a few pieces from other lines like Pink Blush Maternity and Seraphine Maternity.

What I find is that most of the pieces in my wardrobe still work on my growing body. However, it's nice to have essential items like bottoms and comfy tops for those days when you feel like your stomach is about to burst. These are the moments when elastic becomes a best friend.
It took me a couple of months to even realize I was pregnant. I have a rather irregular cycle. It has been this way since I was in middle school. So, the idea that I would see a positive line on a pregnancy test never crossed my mind.

That is until my waistline started to expand.

Take a look at a few pictures from the past up until most recent.


I wondered why these jeans started to fit so well. As it turns out, I was months pregnant.
You can see my face is getting so big...and so is my waist.
I am pooped. I'm starting to feel exhausted. Friends/Fam said I am "glowing".
I went to a party and sat down the entire night. I knew this was the real deal.
It's the filter that makes me glow, but I felt great and pregnant (see below).
Things were starting to change...quickly.

I would normally wear this, but now I had to in order to accommodate my waistline.
My face continues to get more fat and scarves become my best friend.
My first time wearing a maternity dress from Pink Blush maternity. So comfy.
Now it was all about comfort. A black jumper was key. Only $2 at the thrift store.

I still wore items from my wardrobe. Here I have on a The Limited tunic.
Remember those jeans from the first pic up top? Still wearing them, but with a rubberband.
Finally! A pair of comfy maternity jeans from Seraphine Maternity.
Old Navy sells maternity, but I opted to try on regular dresses anyway.
Still more of my pieces from my pre-pregnancy wardrobe.
Another rubberband on my jeans. And a comfy sweater.
This dress is obviously too revealing. But, who cares?! 
Now here is a great compromise. Fits me and is flattering. The belt didn't though. LOL.
My most recent outfit. No maternity pieces at 5 months.

I know that eventually I will have to let go of my favorite pieces and succumb to the world of maternity. But if I can find a way to remain true to my style and still be comfortable, I will do just that.

If for some reason this isn't possible, I am sure I'll have no problem finding pieces that highlight my expanding waistline in the best light. Maternity clothing isn't what it used to be. A girl has plenty of stylish options.

Here's to all the women who choose fashion over being frumpy.

Expanding waistline. Expanding fashionable ideas.

Happy maternity!!!

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