The Principal Called Home Already

My poor son. He's always getting himself into something. Only two days into the new school year and  the principal has already called home.

I missed her call. As I glanced down at the screen and saw the school's phone number, my first reaction was to panic.

My second reaction? More panic. It was only day two after all.

I dialed the seven digits and created several different scenarios in my head on just what could be the problem.

The rings echoing on the other end of the phone line felt like an eternity.

Did Kaden sneak his iPod to school?
Did he pack an unacceptable item in his lunch?
Did I forget to fill out a form correctly?
Had Kaden gotten sick?

He is severely allergic to wasps and yellow jackets. He has an Epi-Pen in the health room at all times, just in case. I automatically assumed the school was calling to share with me the horrible news about him getting stung.

Thank goodness that never happened.

For a split second, I considered him being in trouble. Surely he wasn't cutting class, writing on the bathroom walls or passing notes to his friends this early on in the year. Not that he would, but you cannot put anything pass children these days. It would be a complete shock to hear the principal utter the words, "Kaden did something bad.."

The secretary transferred my call. As the principal intercepted the line, her voice offered immediate reassurance that the call would result in a positive outcome.

After stating who she was, her next words were, "He's not in any trouble."

We both laughed. Most likely at the the fact that we even entertained this idea for one second. Kaden isn't perfect (sorry to disappoint you, grandparents), but he has a good sense of how he is suppose to behave in school. His Dad and I make sure he is a respectable child, even if we fall short in other areas (he stays up way pass his bedtime).

The principal proceeded to explain to me that she had left me a message on my phone. Thank goodness I had enough space left. My voice mailbox is always full. I hate checking it (callers beware).

As it turns out, Kaden was chosen to represent his class at a leadership conference...again! Last year, he represented 4th grade. This year, he will represent 5th grade. He was nominated by someone at the school. I'm not sure who, but I have an idea.

His principal wanted to make sure he would be able to attend additional evening meetings before the conference arrived. I told her he would make time. Video games can wait!

As a young, black male, it is important that Kaden takes advantage of all the opportunities that are presented to him. He will not fall victim to society's shady stereotypes. We've had enough of that foolishness during the last soccer season.

I know that children all over the world are participating in greatness each day. I believe that even more would do so if they knew it was perfectly okay to be great. 

I watch the news and see stories of shootings, bullying and suicides overshadowing the achievements made by our youth. Wouldn't it be great if we could drown the ugliness of hatred (and self-hatred) with the positivity of humanity?

We can!

If your child is doing something great, tell the world. Don't let people's lack of support deter you from supporting your child or family's accomplishments.

Who knows  — maybe you'll provide a bit of inspiration.

"1 Timothy 4:12 Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity."

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