outmywindow™ Photo Sharing App for Family and Friends

I take a lot of pictures. My friends and family are quite aware of this because they are often the victims of my picture-taking obsession.

A bug.
A piece of cake.
A wilted flower.
A smiling baby.
A colorful horizon.

You name it, I'm snapping a picture of it.

While I lack a "big girl camera" with a huge lens and big brand name, I always have a phone or iPod touch at my disposal to capture moments that are significant to me. After all, the best pictures are usually the ones that are candid...I think.

Suppose not everyone thinks the picture of my son climbing a tree is the most darling thing they've ever seen. How about a picture of my first successful attempt at growing a rose bush?
Surely everyone will go crazy over the birthday cake I made for my best friends party. Right?!

Not so much.
There are certain pictures that only a grandparent can appreciate. And there are pictures that are so special, you only want to share them with the people closest to you.

outmywindow™ is unique in the sense that it is used to share photos with your family and friends in a more private manner.

Out my Window allows you to create curated lists (groups) and decide who gets to see them. If I had to create lists, here are a few I would include:
  • Summer time fun for my closest family to view
  • Fashion Ideas for my best friends to view
  • Blogging Events for my blogging friends to view
  • Milestones for my parents/grandparents to view
Currently, the Out My Window App is free on available on iTunes for the iPhone, iPad, and iPad Touch. You can also use the app on the web and with Google TV.
From the iTunes description, here are a few features of the outmywindow™ app:
  • Take pictures from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and share them only with family and friends instantly across multiple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, computer, internet-connected TV, and digital photo frame)
  • Control who can see your photos through permission-based albums and an easy to use interface
  • Flip back to a day in your life with day stacks in a photo timeline
  • Stay connected with your nearest and dearest by receiving real-time alerts and notifications of their photo activity
  • Get a head start on your albums by importing existing collections from your camera roll, computer or popular photo sharing sites
  • Send photos directly to digital photo frames from within the app
  • Enjoy instant slideshows on the internet-connected TV version of the service
I'll have to play around with it a bit more before I decide if it  possesses the same greatness as some of my other photo-sharing app, but I like the idea of selecting just who to choose the pictures with.

Now, let me go see what lies out my window that I can snap a picture of.

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This is a compensated campaign by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for outmywindow™. The opinions and views are my own.
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