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Buying a gift for Ian is so simple. I love that he appreciates every gift he receives — especially the homemade pictures and cards from his little guy, Kaden. I could easily gift him a shiny new grilling set and a case of beers to complete his day.

How romantic am I? 

Ian may be easy to shop for, but finding the perfect gift for other members of my family can be a daunting task. As much as I'd to pretend that I never feel the pressure to deliver something unique, I have to keep it real. Most times, I have found it difficult to find unusual gifts for men that would solicit the type of response that would boost my ego. Because as we know, giving a gift is really all about the person giving the gift. Right?! Wrong!

I need your help, people. Where can I find the perfect gift for the guy in my life, or anyone for that matter? Something extra special, exciting, adventurous or out-of-the-ordinary?

I have a running list of possiblities:

A tie. No.
A new sweater. No.
A pair of socks. No. 
A video game. Maybe.
A crowd of paparazzi waiting by the door as you emerge from the local Walmart. I won't exclude this idea.  

For now, I want to stick with an idea that is practical and will possibly create a memory or two.

I believe Xperience Days can help out with this mission.

From the XperienceDays.com website:
Xperience Days is a one stop shop for the country’s most exciting experience gift certificates and unique gifts, which are suitable for all occasions. With thousands of unique experiences in every corner of the country, from Trapeze lessons in New York to cookery classes in Boston - and everything in between; there is a unique gift idea to make every birthday, Christmas, wedding or anniversary that bit more special for your friends and most loved ones. So whether you’re looking for the perfect birthday gift for a man who has everything, a Christmas gift for your mother or an anniversary gift for your wife; Xperience Days has the choice and quality to ensure anything bought with the XD stamp of approval is a uniquely memorable gift that they will cherish forever. And with the stream of new and exciting activities being added all the time - even the most adventurous of individuals will find a new experience to enjoy.
After visiting this site, I immediately thought of the perfect "xperience".

photo courtesy of XperienceDays.com
I arrived at this decision based on a number of factors:
  • The reviews. Several satisfied customers gave this experience five stars. The reviews were as recent as July 6, 2012. A lot of what people said was identical. This gives me the impression that this experience is just as described. 
  • The price. Some of the experience options are affordable, while others are a bit on the higher end. Being this will be our first time using the service, I thought I would choose something inexpensive in case we did not like it. 
  • The setting. What could be more serene than a sail on the Chesapeake Bay. Most of the experiences include other participants up to as many as 16. This particular experience only allows (possibly) four others to experience it with you. It is a great way to have an intimate, quiet moment without a lot of people interferring with the day. 
  • The extras. This experience allows you to bring your own food and drink. It is 1.5 hours long. May be times around the time the sun sets, so opportunities for great photographs is possible. 
The only thing I need to consider is the location of this experience. It is quite a driving distance away, but we could easily make a mini-getaway out of it.

This brings me to another point about Xperience Days. Not only should you search for things to do in your state or area, but you can look for things to do if you happen to be going out of town. How cool would that be to use your pass in another state?

If you're indecisive like I am at times and you do not know what to choose just yet, try purchasing a gift certificate.
It looks like both you and I have a lot to consider. Who knew finding the perfect gift could be so fun?!

Giveaway is open to US residents age 18 and older. Only one entry per household. Please leave a valid form of contact in case you are the winner. Winner will be chosen, contacted and have 48 hours to confirm. Mommy 2K is not responsible for lost, stolen or late prizes.

Disclosure Information
I was provided a Xperience Days gift certificate to purchase one of the experiences, as well as one for a lucky reader to win. There was no monetary compensation for writing this post. All opinions and views are my own.

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