Vente-Privee Luxury Private Sales up to 70% off Retail

Not another private sale site!

This was my first thought when I signed up for Vente-Privee (a subsidiary of American Express). I figured there was no harm in at least seeing what the site was all about. After all, I am the queen of window shopping — look, but don't touch...or buy.

Much to my surprise, the prices were ridiculously low. As someone who fills their closet with penny-cheap, thrift store finds, I was amazed at the percentage off of the retail price. Vente-Privee offers up to 70% off of retail prices. Not bad, considering most luxury items are not attainable for the average person...especially in these times.

Take for instance this sale on Philosophy dresses. To me, the prices are insane. I could not fathom spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on a dress (unless I had that much money to spend...obviously). But if you do the math, the price is not so bad.

Check out this Philosophy dress that I am in love with (images courtesy

Emerald Green, Magenta & Black
MSRP: $795
vente-privee price: $145

To be fair, I still cringe at that price. I am super frugal and I would probably search high and low at a local department store to find something similar for a fraction of the Vente-Privee price.

But the entire point of this site it to give millions of people access to LUXURY items — clothing, jewelry, home decor, accessories — without breaking the bank (or having to tap into your savings).

A few things I like about the site:
  • The ease. Once you sign up, it's pretty simple to get started. Navigation is a breeze. You don't need to be computer savvy to figure out to shop a sale. 
  • The selection. There is something for everyone. All sizes. All price ranges. All styles. 
  • The extras. I love the movie trailers that are included with every sale. They add a bit of drama to the presentation of the items. I also like the mobile app option for iPhone, iPad and Android users.
  • The product info. I like to know exactly what I am purchasing. No guessing it always the best. Products on tell you everything from the materials an item is made of to the the expected shipping date to dimensions. This helps solidify an purchase in my mind. 
  • The shipping. Ground shipping is only $5.95 and express shipping is $12.95. Not too shabby. 
  • The social. What site doesn't have a way of sharing through social media channels? It is the norm these days. If you an item you like, don't be afraid to tweet, like or send an email. 
What I do not like about the site:
  • The tease. I have this gripe with all private sales sites. Stop showing me what I could have owned by plastering a huge "SOLD OUT" across the item. Vente-Privee places their sold out items at the bottom, shaded out. Just take it off. Please. For the sake of my sanity. Ha!
  • The sizing. Sure the sizes are converted from European to United States, but I always freak out when ordering something this way. I have a fear that the items will not compare to the European size that is stated. 
  • The not-so-credit. Most of these private sale sights give new members a credit for signing up. It is usually a small amount, but still FREE money nonetheless. I would have appreciated a $10 credit to entice me to purchase from the site. 
As with most private sale sites, I am excited to have access to luxury items. I learn about brands that may have never crossed my mind. I also get a chance to experience quality. 

If you would like to sign-up to vente-privee, using my referral code of course, just click here.


Until the end of the 1990s, brands sold off excess inventory via end-of-line distributors. Beginning in 2001, pioneered a new concept for brands which combined exclusivity with a time-limited event. From this, the online private sale was born.

Today, organizes daily brand sales events featuring more than 1,200 major international brands - from product categories spanning fashion and homewares to sporting goods and electronics - for more than 13 million European members across 8 countries. vente-privee marks the first overseas market entry for

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There was no compensation for writing this post. I was, however, provided a luxury item in exchange for my time in reviewing the site...thanks to SheSpeaks. The opinions and views are my own.
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