The Journey of an Oversized Orioles T-shirt #DIY

The oversized t-shirt BEFORE reconstruction
The easy way. Isn't this the route we all want to take? Less hassle. Faster time. No fuss. Same result. Right?!

I could probably argue this point with several people and the answer would be different. Not everyone likes to take shortcuts. They would rather create more work and unnecessary stress than finding a solution that requires little to no chaos.

I'm that person. 

Yesterday, Kaden and I stopped by a local thrift store just to browse. I promised him that I would only take a few minutes. I find that quick visits are usually the ones where I stumble upon the greatest treasures. It happened this way yesterday.

Before we left the store, I suggested we see if there was any Orioles gear. Sure we like the team, but there was no closet full of orange and black bird-covered garb at home. I was fine with wearing the Orioles colors to the event. It's not like there was a requirement. But, I wanted to tame Kaden's excitement and constant nagging to find an Orioles shirt.

We headed over to the hat rack. Low and behold there were, not one, but two Orioles baseball caps resting on the hat rack. What are the odds?!

Just one aisle over, I caught a glimpse of an orange shirt peeping out from behind several other faded tees. I walked quickly over to the shirt, pushed back the hangar and there it was — an Adam Jones, number 10, Orioles an extra large size.

Kaden's face lit up. We had scored a home run.

To top it off, the cashier only charges us $2 for the t-shirt and $1.50 for both caps. That is my kind of deal.

By this time it was approaching 2 o'clock. The game was set to start at 7. Baltimore is a little under an hour away from my home, so I knew we needed to plan accordingly. In less than two hours, I washed both hats and the t-shirt, hung them on the clothesline to dry (the weather was perfect), and reconstructed the shirt to fit Kaden.

What was I thinking?

$2 t-shirt and two $.75 baseball caps purchased from the thrift store


The t-shirt just so happens to be baseball player, Adam Jones 


Sewing machines are our best friend. I sewed the shirt in less than 10 minutes. 


After a little cutting, the shirt was perfect!

No one would have ever guessed the journey this t-shirt had been on. 

I know I could have invested in a t-shirt at the ballpark, but once I saw the asking prices, our $2 investment was starting to look pretty good.

I don't think I'll end up on Project Runway, but I'm not afraid to take on the challenge of making a piece of clothing my own.

Besides, Kaden thinks I'm cool for doing this. That has to worth a little something. Right?!

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