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A tote bag, a pair of sunglasses, a beach towel and a pair of flip flops are essential items for the beach. And you're in luck because all of these items can be found at your local Old Navy store. They are exactly what you need to assist you in a great beach experience. 

Last week, I was joined by my BFFs at one of our favorite Old Navy stores in Annapolis, MD. Weeks before, we agreed on a date and time that would work for our schedules. It's not that difficult to find the time to shop. Ask any women in the world to confirm this. Ha! We settled on a less busy day during the week, with a time that was near happy hour for a bit of relaxation after shopping.

Thanks to Crowdtap and Old Navy, I was given four coupons -- one for me, one each for three friends -- to purchase a few items for the beach. With summer already under way, I worried about the selection of items in the store. Most of the time, everything has been picked over and you have to settle for what is left.

Of course there was no shortage of flip flops. For less than $4, these staples are great to have around for those quick on-the-go adventures, a no-fuss approach for a casual day, or just to lounge around the house in. I was in love with the assortment of colors to choose from. I settled on a pair of coral-colored flips to compliment my darker skin tone, that I earned as a result of a day at the beach.

As mentioned earlier, there was not a lot to choose from. The store manager, who is always so friendly and recognized me as a member of the Old Navy Style Council when I walked in the store, told me that the quantity of summer items is not a lot. For the most part, whatever we saw is all the store had. The managers did assist me on the floor with finding the beach items they did have. I appreciated their help and were glad to see they respected the program instead of saying they knew absolutely nothing about it.

Things turned "shady" pretty quickly. Sunglasses were only $5 the day we shopped. It almost makes it hard not to get more than one pair. There were big frames, printed frames, classic styles, trendy styles and colored frames. Everyone's personality could be matched. I'm more of a big sunglasses wearer myself. The bigger the better. We had fun trying on all of the sunglasses.

We hardly ever leave Old Navy empty-handed. Our cart runneth over! My cousin could not help but browse the clearance racks to make a few awesome discoveries. With low prices on cool fashions that do not compromise your wallet or style, it's a no-brainer to shop at Old Navy.

There were a few, tiny bumps at the register. Luckily, none of them had anything to do with poor customer service. Our cashier rocked! She had never done a transaction for the Old Navy Style Council coupons before, but there was no hesitation on her part. I explained to her how the program worked, showed her the booklet and letter from my package and she was all game. The only obstacle we faced, and this happens from time to time, is figuring out which items will and will not work with coupons. Unfortunately, the bag advertised in the booklet was on clearance by the time I used the coupon. As a part of the program, clearance items do not work with the coupon. My friends and I found alternatives tote bags to purchase, so it wasn't that big of a deal. 

Whenever I am presented the opportunity to shop at Old Navy, thanks to Crowdtap, I jump on it. It is always great to meet up with my friends and go shopping with them as well. At a time where the economy does not always allow us to splurge on material things, it's nice coming out of the store with a bag full of items for $0. I have been an Old Navy customer for years, so my opinion is not swayed one way or the other by this experience. If anything, it makes me appreciate what Old Navy has to offer at such a great price. It also shows me that the company values the opinion of their shoppers and use the feedback from customers to make changes, whether big or small.

These "shops" not only make a great reason to shop, they also give us a reason to grab a bite to eat, a drink and catch up on all the latest  news after we complete our mission. Consider it bonding time, if you will. This is part of the reason why I like being a member of the Old Navy Style Council — the day is full of awesomeness.

We have all the items we need now. Needless to say, I think we are all ready for some beach time!

Want to get in on all the fun and possibly become a member of the Old Navy Style Council? Click on the image below to get started...and help give me a referral while you're doing so. Thanks!


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Disclosure Information
I am a member of the Old Navy Style Council thanks to my participation in Crowdtap. I was provided coupons for complimentary items at Old Navy. There was no monetary compensation for writing this post. The opinions and views are my own.  
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