If I Should Die Before I Wake, Genworth Financial can Help

...I pray the Lord my soul to take.


These words are recited by tons of people across the country just moments before falling asleep at night. My son likes to form prayer hands held tightly to his nose with his eyes closed, all while burying his face into the pillow. At times I watch him from afar and smile at the innocence his possesses. But deep down I know that the words he chants have a deeper meaning than most of us care to admit.

We are all under the assumption that we'll wake up in the morning and see another day. But the the truth is -- as cliché as it may be-- tomorrow is not promised to anyone. And honestly, I am not ready to face this reality...spiritually, mentally or financially.

I have always selected my son as the beneficiary on my life insurance policies. A few times, I have made edits to designate half of the policy to my mother and the other half to my son. I never made an effort to educate myself on the facts surrounding life insurance. I looked at it as yet another grown-up decision to make and an unwanted deduction from an already dismal paycheck.

I was completely wrong. Thank goodness.

After reading an article titled, "Life Insurance 101" and browsing the Genworth Financial website, I have a better understanding of and appreciation for this financial protection.

As I say my prayers tonight, the words will certainly have new meaning. In the event that I breathe my last breath after writing this post, I know that my son will be just fine (largely in part to the wonderful support system he has in place). I know in my absence he will go on to do great things with the cushion of a life insurance plan to alleviate some of the costs that come along with:

a college education 
tuition, books, room & board, meals, transportation

medical emergencies
sickness, medicine, check-ups

extra curricular activities
sports, arts, vacation, shopping

and life! Because as we know, it happens.

I have had the unfortunate situation of losing two of my closet cousins at very young ages. One died before he even became a teenager. The other died before his daughter was able to experience her teenage years. It was a time to grieve. To mourn. To celebrate their life. But there was also the issue of expenses during this time of bereavement.

Luckily, both families invested in life insurance and were able to pay for the costs associated with burying a loved one. It's something no one wants to think about, but having a plan in place sure does help eliminate some of the heartache. 

For now, for me...I just want to enjoy the moments we do have together and create memories whose worth can never defined in terms of money.

If there is one thing I know for sure, it is this -- death is inevitable. By the same token, living is vital. I just  want to make sure I'm prepared for both..starting with the proper life insurance. Are you prepared?!

Disclosure Information
This post was inspired by Genworth Financial, but has forced me to consider the future of my family. I was compensated for sharing my story. All opinions and thoughts are my own. Is your life insured?  
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