Girl Power

I have one child.

This will probably never change...maybe. 
And I am perfectly okay with that!

I love my son.  
THAT goes without saying.

We share the same goofy attitude...playful spirit...emotional unpredictability.

I look at him each day in amazement and cannot wait to see how the world handles all of his greatness.

But on occasion, I find myself picturing life with a little girl-- one filled with bows and dresses, dolls and awkward conversations about boys.

It's not my life, but there was once a fifty percent chance (or some other complicated ratio) of that happening the moment I conceived. I could have been faced with the possibility of another me.

And that is a very scary thought.

I wonder:
How would things be different?
Would I still be the same parent?
Where would life have taken me?
What would my relationship with a girl be like?

I may never know the answers to these questions, but I do know what I would want to say to my daughter.

A funny thing happened on the plane ride to Minneapolis.
I plugged in my headphones for the television, searched through a library of shows and stumbled upon a video that spoke volumes to me.

Performed at the TED Conference, Sarah Kay's spoken word, "B" (If I Should Have a Daughter), reached out of the screen, pulled me by the heart and comforted me like my favorite sweater on a brisk summer night.

Take a listen:

If it is written in my future to have a girl, I want her to feel the way I felt after hearing these words.

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