The Great Snake Debate

"You know, Mom. This project is suppose to be simple. I don't really have to do this much."

With those words, I knew Kaden was trying to pull a fast one on me.
He had more important things to do, like run up the score on his favorite basketball and soccer video game. Or pull apart a Lego set that he spent hours building...just for the fun of it.

I wasn't having it!

"Do your best!" It's what his father and I always stress to him.
Not perfection, but YOUR best.
Go the extra mile.
Put yourself in a position to be ahead, then you'll never feel the need to play catch up.

Besides, teachers notice when a student dedicates their time wholly and makes an extra effort.
They always remember. Always.

The assignment was to fill out a facts sheet on a reptile found in the state of Maryland.
Kaden chose the Eastern King Snake. Ewww!
Couldn't he have chosen a frog?!

For a few days, we visited the local library so that he could research his reptile.

Once he completed this part of the project, it was time to draw a picture.
Being the creative person I am, I suggested he use construction paper instead of drawing. We have a lot of craft supplies thanks to Elmer's, so I figured we should take advantage of our resources.

We ran into a slight problem with the construction paper.
There was no green paper.
I put on my thinking cap and suggested Kaden color the yellow construction paper with a green marker.
It worked like a charm.

After ripping and tearing tiny pieces of green and yellow construction paper to mimic a grassy area, it was time to draw an Eastern King Snake.

Kaden used the iPad to research the features of this reptile.
He wanted to make sure his drawing was accurate.

After tweaking and putting the final touches on his project, this is what Kaden prepared to turn into his teacher the next day.

Just lovely!

And after all of that complaining, moaning and groaning, he came home a couple of weeks later to show me his final grade.

He didn't come right out and say I was right for making him go the extra mile, but I could tell from his mile that he appreciated my advice.

I only wants what's best for him because I know he's capable of greatness.

Don't ever let your child(ren) settle for less.

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