Bullying Looks Like This

I bet you didn't know that my son has to be moved to his team's side of the field to avoid the risk of hearing comments from the other sideline. What a shame? It's like having to move your desk to the far corner of a classroom because the person behind you keeps pulling your hair.


I bet you didn't know that when we played this team a few seasons ago, one of their players was overheard saying, "We're suppose to pretend like he (Kaden) kicked us and fall so he gets the call."


And the very next time (back in November 2011) we played them, this is what the SAME PLAYER was seen doing...

If you notice, he didn't get the call. Does he look familiar at all?!

I bet you didn't know this team throws themselves in front of my son, falls, then asks the referee that he be carded. Obviously you have to call a foul. Obviously you'll get a card after a few warnings. But if the calls are a result of dramatic and animated flops, falls, and stumbles, how are they relevant?


We all know what happened at Sunday's game. But that was just my word.

I don't have the footage before this video below. I actually stopped recording for awhile because the referee WAS doing a great job of letting the boys play soccer (and I was too busy recording someone from our organization "looking for trouble"). I have bits and pieces from the day. I only record when I think someone is approaching a goal (and my battery was on it's last leg).

Here's how it all went down...

Apparently, Kaden and the other boy collided. Of course the boy milked it. It was his 2,754th time on the ground. I have other footage showing other players from our team colliding with him and he just keeps playing. They weren't Kaden, so the boy didn't care much. Hmmm...wonder why?!

It looks to me as if the referee is over this whole "injury" thing as he quickly motions them to please come and get him so we can go on with the game.

Once the game is stopped, the Cape St. Claire coach (black shirt) and the boy's parents (who were NOT suppose to go on the field) ran to his rescue. You would have thought it was life-threatening.

On the way on the field, she says "Goddamnit" (around 0:12). Before heading off, she turns to Kaden and says, "Goddamnit. You little bastard!" (around 0:18). The father is pointing at Kaden too. The coach turns around as if he's walking back our way. Not sure what he was doing!!

You can hear someone from our sideline say, "Hey!" I think it was our coach.

You can hear Ian erupt and people trying to convince him it's not worth it and to calm down. Ha! Easy for you to say...

I'm in shock. All I can offer is "oh my gosh" because I don't know if I should cry (which I did) or go postal on these pathetic people.

Did you see how they all returned to their sideline comfortably?
Did you see how no one really said anything to them?

If Ian and I had gone out on that field and done the exact, same thing, we'd be asked to leave. It would have been a much bigger issue.

But that would never happen. For one, Kaden doesn't fake his injuries. And if he does get hurt on the field, he keeps playing or waits until he comes out of the game. He's a fighter, just as his name implies. It's soccer for crying out loud. Get with it or get out.

We have footage on other cameras that I'll have to watch. But even this snippet makes my blood boil.

To makes matters worse, here's another element to this saga.

Someone from our side had something to say the entire time the game was going on. I'm wondering if she even saw any of the game.

She ranted about:
  • how good such-n-such was (loudly, in our direction and purposely omitting Kaden's name),
  • how I was "nasty"(because I actually have the balls to say something back instead of being all chummy with you like others).
  • how she was upset about a sign that was made with just Kaden's name. See first bullet. /\ (and? Did we not use enough glitter? He is #1. SHE ordered the uniform. Duh!)
  • how she is doing so much for us (and when is the last time I talked or worked with you?)
Puh-lease. I saw her true colors the moment she sat there and said nothing when my son, the one she is "doing so much for", was attacked on the field.

She did have enough energy to get in Ian's face though...and anyone else she thought was with me, based on her assumptions. Clearly all black people must know each other. We do all look alike, you know?

Regardless of what anyone else said to her, one has nothing to do with the other. She cannot group everyone together. Society does a good enough job of that already.

Was she representing the entire organization when she was participating in arguing...on the sideline...sharing information from personal emails?

She threw her professionalism out the door the moment she opened her mouth to say anything other than, "Sorry to hear about what's happening. I just want you to know that I'm doing as much as I can to help. I hope we can resolve this issue."

But she spent most of her time provoking.
Banning. <~~~ This was her mission the entire time. I hear she has a thing for having people pushed out of the organization. Ahem!
You'd be surprise at who talks. ;-)

She may have been working on this situation because she was asked by the coach, but she's not doing me/US any favors.
It's her job. Volunteer or not. 
SHE SIGNED UP FOR IT (and signed some sort of contract and code of conduct in which she tried to point out to us).

She was NEVER on OUR side...if you know what I mean.

But I know someone who just might be.
The law.

What's this thing about harassment?

I know a person or ten who make be able to clear up a few things about this.

Try me!!

No one came to the realization that:
  • If the bullies from their side had not said a word to my child and 
  • If the situation was handled when it was first presented seasons ago
NONE of this would have happened. NOTHING AT ALL!

Instead they focused on us (I'm assuming black people can be scary at times).
Shake in those boots. 

Not only do we have to fight the other side, but we have to be careful who we can trust on our own side as well.
Friends close, enemies closer...huh?

On a brighter note:

The rest of our games are a breeze. 
Good, clean fun.
Isn't it ironic?

 By the way, our team won.
Three goals to their one.

Kaden scored two.
He's good like that...and we don't need confirmation from ANYONE.

Imagine if he actually practiced...


{Mama needs a drink!}
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