Wordless Wednesday - EGGtreme Easter

Eggs have become the new Thanksgiving turkey. After preparing a dozen or two, you begin thinking of creative ways to incorporate the leftovers into a new recipe.

Egg salad.
Deviled eggs.
Eggs sprinkled over a salad.

The list goes on and on.

I figured I needed a reason not to get sick of all the eggs that Kaden and I dyed over Easter weekend. So,  I took several eggs from the pile of 48, and mixed in a bit of my creativity.

My social media friends are probably annoyed by all of my pictures and postings of eggs. But for the people who do not follow me online and have accidentally found this blog post , here is how it went down:

The eggs were boiled, cooled, then dyed.

I began specializing a few of the eggs and naming them.

ZigZag (crazy, cross pattern)
Team USA (bball player with three sweatbands on)
Strawberry (glue dots covered in red glitter, green marker stem & bead)
Goldie (double-sided tape covered w/ gold confetti stars)
He is Risen (Easter picture drawn with marker)

Here are all of the egg creations:

I know I'll have to throw them out very soon, but it sure was fun individualizing all of these eggs.

I think I know what my next profession is going to be – an Egg-up artist.
Get it?! Egg-up...like make-up.
Okay. I'm corny.
Blame it on my brain. I think it's a little "scrambled" after this weekend.

Oops...I did it again.

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