Ten Dollar Yves Saint Laurent

 I didn't quite run out of the store, but I grabbed my bag as fast as I could before anyone noticed how great of a deal I had just received.

When the words, "You know that coat is gonna be $10"  rolled out of the cashier's mouth, I didn't know whether to jump for joy or kiss her on the forehead.

I chose neither one.
I was in a bit of shock.

Ten dollars for Yves Saint Laurent.
In great condition.
From Garfinckel's.

Wow. There's really no value you can place on this.

I had no intentions on finding such a great treasure. But I sure am glad I stumbled upon something fantastic. Here is what else I found:

I've been shopping at the thrift store since a little girl. I hardly think I'll ever stop...even if it's just to window shop. That's usually when you find the best items.

Tell me: have you found any great deals lately?

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