Ryan Zimmerman & Chevy TEAM UP for the "Go To Bat For Your League" Sweepstakes #ChevyYthBball

I touched Ryan Zimmerman.

Okay, nevermind the fact that the Washington Nationals baseball team was in San Diego on Monday and I only touched the cubby hole where he keeps his glove. I'm still going to take my moment. {insert long pause here}

Moment is over. Thank you!

Bloggers & their families (blurred intentionally), standing next to the Chevy Equinox
(picture credit RedPed Marketing)
My family and I had a "ball" this past Monday, participating in the Chevy Youth Baseball event held by RedPeg Marketing. I represented Chevy (go Chevy Girls!), Kaden represented youth, and his grandfather represented baseball. How's that for teamwork?

Our day started at the Matthew Henson Earth Conservation Center, located on the Anacostia River. It sits at the end of a pier across the street from the Washington Nationals ballpark.
The Earth Conservation Corps links the effort to save the Anacostia River with the engagement of our disenfranchised youth in education, job training, and volunteer-recruitment activities. Both, in a sense, are in a daily fight to restore themselves — whether from discarded trash and raw sewage or from the impact of living in high-poverty and dangerous urban neighborhoods.-ecc
This was the first part of our day. In the building, we:

Showed off our craftiness by making a pennant fit for the occasion

Feasted on baseball-themed food and treats

Learned about the efforts of the Earth Conservation Corps.

Listened to information on the Chevy Youth Baseball Initiative

I even won 4 tickets to an Baltimore Orioles vs. Washington Nationals game

I was having a great time without the exclusive tour of the ballpark, but I had two eager fans with me who could not wait to get on with the rest of the day. It was a noticeable amount of male counterparts at this particular event. Usually, the room is filled with women chatting it up about any and every thing (well, that still happened), but the men (okay, the women too) wanted to see some baseball. 

The second part of our afternoon started out at the Washington Nationals ballpark. We walked across the street and up the stairs to greet our tour guides for the day. The tour was amazing. Our tour guides were excited to answer all of our questions, shared a lot of fun facts and were extremely pleasant.

Here are just a few moments from the day:

I'm not the biggest baseball fan, but I can appreciate the history behind the sport. It's also nice to get an up-close and personal glimpse at what goes on during a typical day at one of the games. It made me a fan and I was happy to share the moment with my son and his grandfather. 

But this day wasn't just about eating peanuts, touring the ballpark and checking out the Chevy Equinox. We were all gathered to support a great cause in our local community. 

It's called the "Go to Bat For Your League" Sweepstakes. Here is how you can support your local youth baseball league in 3 Easy Steps:
  • Go to www.MyChevyLeague.com, select your local league, and hit "Vote"
  • Enter your contact info to enter to win free Nationals tickets
  • Check back and vote daily to help your local league win the Ryan Zimmerman Baseball Clinic
There are over 20 Washington-area Chevrolet dealers participating in this sweepstakes. I am routing for Ourisman Chevrolet of Bowie because it is the closest to my area. Besides, I wouldn't mind winning another set of Nationals tickets. I could get used to this! I'm already working on my pitching.

Pitching in the bullpen. Thanks to NOVA Housewives for capturing this picture of me.
The sweepstakes will continue for 10 weeks. Each week, a winner from each of the participating car dealers will be chosen to win tickets. I will do my best to remind readers.

Now, about that cubby hole...

Disclosure Information
I was not compensated for writing this post. I attended a launch party for this event in order to spread the word about the Chevy Youth Baseball initiative thanks to RedPeg Marketing. The views and opinions are my own.
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