Fur, Leather and Polyester! Another Thrift Store Haul

Thursdays seem to be the opportune time to visit the thrift store. For one, the hours are extended at this particular location. Two, there appears to be more items available by the end of the week. Three, I've been lucking out for two weeks in a row.

While I'm not convinced the day has anything to do with it, I will say that The Help Association in Calvert County has been the source of my retail therapy for the last couple of months. If you haven't heard me mention it before, it's a tiny, local thrift shop that donates all of their proceeds from the items sold in the store to other organizations and charities in the community. This non-profit is ran by all volunteers– who are extremely friendly and generous at pricing the items.

I think I'm in love!!

Check out this fur jacket I found for $5:

How about this fun lamp for Kaden's room for $5:

I didn't buy this, but I'm going back for it:

To see what other treasures I found, watch this video:

There's something about discovering items with a story that make me want them even more. I can only imagine the personality and style of the previous owner of the items I purchase.

Thrifting is not for everyone. But if you find that it is for you, don't ever let it go.

Until next time...

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